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WOLFPACK CASTLE is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by reekardoo on May 29th,2012

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Deep within Highwood Forest, at the base of Fang's Peak, lies the hidden base of The Order of the Wolf. This Knightly Order serves the people but for a price... yes, they are smugglers and mercenaries turned to heroes due to the oppression of the 12 greedy Noblemen who rule the Kingdom in the name of the dying King. The heavy burden of high taxes over everyday need goods has led the people to seek aid and refuge in this once badly seen band of brothers. The king knows nothing of his realm... and the only thing that can prevent the people from perishing are "the wolves" as they are hailed.

Within this den, The Order of the Wolf has estabilished a home for their members and a place to store the product of their craft. But within the mountain lies an ancient secret that only the grand master of the Order is aware... A secret that could result in victory in the ongoing struggle or in the shattering end of the kingdom...


Frontal view of the Wolves' Den

Concept - phase 1

Initially, I was aiming to do a viper's head as an archway. As I realised i did not have enough bricks, I made a wolf... and I am glad I did so. When finished with the archway I was petty pleased with the result. It really felt like a wolf's head carved into stone... well... at least wolflike dog carved into stone. I immediately remebered the wolfpack theme Lego produced a long, long time ago. I loved the shields, the flags and the idea of smugglers becoming heroes or bandits. Then I put my mind to purpose...

Concept - phase 2

I had an iconic start for a Wolpack's set. Back in the days when lego released the sets, I always felt the Wolfapck sets didn't made the theme justice (and after that the purple wolf knight...well ... I did not really liked it though I treasure it as a collector). It lacked a big castle or hiding place like thay had for robin hood. So... I decided I would do a lair for the wolves... as i said... an Iconic one! The frontal gate was done... but it lacked playability. I had to do something about it. As the wolf came surprisingly well I did not alter it but for me Lego should be above all else, about kids having fun with intelligent toys (I guess I'm still a kid ;D). So I added an interior where the minifigs could hang around.


Concept - Phase 3

So at the back... I constructed a small manor that opens up to reveal an interior with some details. The set has a good structure and it does not fall apart easily... I can carry it all by the "nose" with breaking it. This added the required amount of playability and still kept it as a great castle/hideout set. It has even the potential to be modular when opened up... While closed it seems the bricks with the opening work as a sewage system.


And finally I added up some details which weren't as many as I would have wanted (not enough bricks.... arghhhh) but were enough...


So finally here are some of the wolfpack heroes and one evil nobleman!

More pics -


And a video review by BrickQueen (many thanks)

Enjoy and support!

P.S. please take some to view and support my other project. Thanks :)