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Ultrabuild Samus Aran is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by FlanBrosInc on April 15th, 2012. It was designed on LEGO Digital Designer and is made using Hero Factory pieces. The project is made to resemble Samus Aran, the female bounty hunter protagonist of Nintendo's Metroid video game series.

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The famous bounty hunter of the Nintendo's Metroid series, Samus Aran, recreated using Lego Digital Designer!

Smamus aran

Samus and Hero Factory pieces fit together like cheese and pizza! With a custom helmet, the right colours, and spikes added at the top of her knees you could make an awesome Samus even more perfect!

Samus 2

Please support and also check out my Legend of Zelda: Master Sword project!

Samus 3