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The Wolven fighter - Galaxy Command
The Wolven fighter
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The Wolven fighter - Galaxy Command is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by reekardoo on May 8th, 2013. It is one of several set ideas which were introduced to the main Galaxy Command project and later became individual projects. 

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GALAXY COMMAND! The Void Fighter C.C.S. Gryphon

The Crescent Claw (Wolven star fighter): The Crescent Claw is a wolven ship from the GALAXY COMMAND universe. If you like this please visit Galaxy Command and give us your support there as well!

Read all about this fantastic space saga in our blog Galaxy Command Chronicles

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The Crescent Claw (Wolven star fighter):

The concept that Wolvens fight as a group was incorporated into the last machine devised by the Wolven engineers just prior to the Great Downfall. This Wolven fighter, named Crescent Claw due to its assertiveness in all battle tests performed, incorporated two winged drones that made it easy to triangulate positions, corner prey, and flank any opposition. The ship was virtually a 3 in 1 battle star fighter. The Crescent Claw was also heavily armed with two massive energy rail guns, two beam rays, two laser turboguns, and the ability to install several types of beam rays underneath each wing. On top of all those assets, the Wolven fighter was also extremely fast and maneuverable.

The latest cloaking technology was installed in only a few prototype fighters, making them even more deadly. Only the Wolfpack Hunters' Squad ever flew such vessels on non-official Wolven missions.

Wolven fighter pilots were usually regarded as inferior by the warrior cast as they saw this weapon as too much of an advantage in the battlefield, but truth be told only Wolvens with lightning fast reflexes were able to fully dominate such a fearsome machine.