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The Nebulon Void Fighter - Galaxy Command
Void Fighter
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The Nebulon Void Fighter - Galaxy Command is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by reekardoo on March 25th, 2013. Reekardoo also collaborates with KitBricksto and GlenBricker on this project.  This project is just one of the many vehicles in the Galaxy Command series. 

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The Nebulon Void Fighter

The Nebulon Void Fighter is a two pilot Nebulon fighter from the GALAXY COMMAND universe. If you like this please visit Galaxy Command and give us your support there as well!

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This project, is the direct result of a collaboration between the creators Reekardoo, Kit Bricksto , and GlenBricker Void Fighter1

The Void Fighter

This deadly two-pilot fighter was the main reason for the H.U.N.'s ultimate defeat at the Great Saturn Battle. The Void's agility and speed was more than a match for most human pilots. Very little is known concerning these ships. However, battle reports by the Double-Axe’s central computer reported this ship to have 4 sources of firepower. Void Fighter2

The first source stood on its front pads – a deadly laser stream gun with unbelievable power. These pads also appeared to be some sort of landing gear device. The second source was a rocket launcher with unknown rocket missiles on each side of the main hull body. The third source was in its blaster guns which shot power cells, also with each weapon on each side of the hull’s body. Finally, hidden within the main hull were two deadly implosion bombs. File:Void Fighter3.png

Also noticeable was the red energy expelled from the ship's great power engine. Readings indicated the red energy gave the ship all its power and speed. This ship was hailed as Void Fighter or Void Raider because not only was it deadly leaving nothing but emptiness in its path, but also because once it is critically hit it implodes creating great devastation. This ship is truly a terrible weapon of destruction. Void Fighter4

Void Fighter's Cockpit interior

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