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The Mega Man Collection - By Raphael Phillips -
The Mega Man Lego Collection - By Raphael Phillips -
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The Mega Man Lego Collection - By Raphael Phillips - is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by Jhutysan on June 5th, 2013. The project attempts to create LEGO Mega Man. 

This message was written by the creator of the project. Do not modify the message in any way.

The concept is the Lego recreation of character elements from the Mega Man universe, by Capcom and Keiji Inafune.

On September 20th of 2010, I released my first set of Lego Mega Men into the world, through a site called the 8-bit cubist. To say that it took off would be an understatement. The work was published by Kotaku, Gizmodo, The Escapist and The Mega Man Network, just to name a few. Of course, I had to follow it up! What initially was only meant to be a simple re-creation of Mega Man's suits and shots from Mega Man 2, expanded into re-imaginings of the bosses, suits from Mega Man 3, illustrations and even creative cross overs with other video games (one of which I just finished last week).

The concept that I'm introducing to Lego Cuusoo would be FULLY realized Lego sets from Mega Man 3, including:

- Mega Man suits and powers (Rush included) - Robot Masters - Portions of Robot Master stages - A Supporting cast of Mega Man characters - Creation of **NEW** Lego pieces to make the vision as true to the source as possible

Thank you for taking your time time to visit, and I'd be honored to have your help to make this vision come true! Please take a look at the examples below and the subsequent links to see the history of Lego Mega Man, AND the quality of the product that will be delivered. Cheers!!

**Mega Man is a licensed product of Capcom Games**

***After 500 supporters, I will release a boss render AND a glimpse of the 1st prototype packaging. Help me reach 500!!***

The Air Shooter, from the 1st set released 09.20.10. You can see the full set here:

Metal Man, from the second set released 10.19.10. You can see the full set here:

Top Spin, from the second set released 04.05.11. You can see the full set here:

The Weighted Pivot Cube Prototype Package, released 05.21.13. You can see the full set here: