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The Last Alliance
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The Last Alliance is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by Keeli101 on June 21th, 2013.

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We've hit 50! Update coming at 100!

This set is meant to depict the Battle of the Dagorlad Plain, and the start of the Third Age.

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A realistic proposed set for the Last Alliance scene, including Gil-Galad, two Elves, two Gondor Soldiers, five Mordor Orcs, Sauron (pictured), Isildur, Elendil, Elrond, Orc Captain, two Orc Archers (not shown). Minifig amounts will probably be reduced, so make sure to vote in the survey in the comments. Scenery includes the rock Elendil is thrown into with a lava fall, a lava pit, various rocks with and without lava, burnt shrubs, and a cliff (not pictured).

This is the above image without render.

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Project History: Project Started: 6/21/13 1 Supporter: 6/21/13 5 Supporters: 6/21/13 10 Supporters: 6/21/13 50 Supporters:10/16/13

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