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The Adventures of Steamrod!
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The Adventures of Steamrod! is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by Brickthing (with Team Jigsaw) on February 6th, 2013. It is part of the popular steampunk genre of builds and aims to produce the first official LEGO steampunk series.

This message was written by the creator of the project. Do not modify the message in any way.

Hello and welcome to a new Team Jigsaw CUUSOO project!

Today we'd like to present to you a new mini-theme that many LEGO fans have been hoping to see for years: Steampunk LEGO! Set in an alternate future where steam-powered technology never fell out of use, this project proposes an exciting set packed full of detailed vehicles and minifigures. The set that we are proposing is designed as a one-off tribute to Steampunk and LEGO's Adventurers characters, so the set is fairly large and includes seven exclusive minifigures.

This set would appeal to Steampunk and LEGO fans alike, because of the creative building techniques and pieces used to construct the greatly varied and colorful vehicles. In addition to many desirable recoloured pieces, there would be a mixture of stickers and printed pieces to enhance the details and realism of the set, allowing the pieces to be useful for Steampunk, historic and general MOCs.

The story behind the characters of this project is similar to that of the Adventurers LEGO theme, except naturally set in a fantasy Steampunk world, with more dramatic vistas and mystical treasures. Each character would have their own quirks and talents, and there is a clear distinction between the forces of good and evil.

Be sure to check out the gallery for additional high-resolution images that give closer looks into the set and its designs, and stay tuned for future updates! ---


The dastardly Lord Sinistree is attempting to steal the Steam-relic! Help our brave adventurers defend the train by firing it's spike missiles from the roof of the laboratory car! Help Professor Articus make potions inside his lab car! (includes drawing board, genie-in-a-bottle™ and a bar of Ms. Wellworths high protein adventurers chocolate! If all else fails, send Jonathan Bolt to the coal car to make one last stand against the evil Lord Sinistree and his henchmen, the Slybots!

Includes seven minifigures; Jonathan Bolt, Abigail Stratus, Professor Articus, Psi-Clone, Lord Sinistree and 2 Slybots. Features Steamrod train with coal car and carriage, helicopter pack, motorbike and plane Features hidden flick fire missiles, secret coal car compartment, and a fully detailed engine room inside the locomotive! Parts count: 2100+

Click here to see a large version of the above image!



The Magnificent Steamrod!

The centerpiece of the set, the Steamrod train is constructed from over 1500 pieces and uses many creative building techniques to create an exciting Steampunk aesthetic. There would not be any track included, since we thought it would both hinder the play-ability and increase the price of the set. However the Steamrod train is designed to function on and off the track, using proper LEGO train wheels and coupling rods modeled of the fantastic Emerald Night set.

Steamrod is over 25" (65cm) long, and over 3" (8cm) wide! Features hidden flick fire missiles, secret coal car compartment, and a fully detailed engine room inside the locomotive! The Laboratory Carriage opens to reveal a fully detailed interior, with machine schematics, robots, golden tools, crystals, ancient artifacts and vials of obscure chemicals to keep the Professor occupied.

Locomotive: Additional Views || Features Coal Car: Additional Views || Features Carriage: Additional Views || Features



Lord Sinistree and his Mechanical Slybots

Attack the train with Lord Sinistree's Sly-Slizer, fire the flick fire missiles, and steal the ancient Steam-relic! When Lord Sinistree finds himself too preoccupied to do his evil deeds properly, he sends his henchmen, the Slybots, to do the job in his stead!

Features hidden weapons compartment, unfolding landing gear, removable cockpit, and flick fire missiles! With extended wings, the plane measures 10" (25cm) long, and 19" (48cm) wide! Includes two Slybot minifigures, Pneumatic Slycycle motorbike, gyroscopic Sly-sky helicopter, and much more!

Sinistree's plane: Additional Views || Features Slycycle: Additional Views Gyroscopter: Additional Views ---



This project also has a large focus on high quality minifigures and accessories. To do this our project is calling for a moderate number of printed and recoloured parts, but no new pieces would be required. Can you spot which sets all of the recoloured pieces originally came from?

Click on each of the titles for a larger image! ____ Lord Sinistree and the Slybots Selfish, bitter and disfigured from countless lost battles and schemes foiled by his arch-nemesis Sir Bolt, Lord Sinistree wishes to steal all the world's valuable treasures and artifacts for himself. Helped by his clueless henchmen Slybots, the evil villain has created a plan to attack Sir Bolt's train Steamrod, and steal away the ancient Steam engine! ____ Sir Jonathan Bolt Distantly related to the famed adventurer Johnny Thunder, Sir bolt has made it his mission to recover artifacts from long forgotten locations, and bring them into the light of day once again! Aided by his long time companion and wife Abigail Stratus, Sir Bolt has made many friends, and a significantly larger number of enemies... ___ Abigail Stratus The headstrong and beautiful wife of Sir Jonathan Bolt, Abigail Stratus is the only reason Sir Bolt is alive. Pulling him from the depths of ancient temples and mystical machines is an often occurring event, and one that Ms. Stratus is not likely to let her husband forget. Abigail is the Steamrod crew's weapons expert, favoring a stylish reticulated targeting eyepatch to help her never miss a target. ___ Professor Archibald Articus While deep in the jungles of Serenora, Sir Bolt stumbled upon a ramshackle hut which housed a bewhiskered and disheveled professor Articus. After a quick spot of tea and a discussion on basic physics, Sir Bolt decided to recruit the slightly insane professor for his adventures around the globe. Nary a week goes by where the train Steamrod isn't wracked by explosions and purpley smoke from the laboratory car. But nobody questions it, they merely smile and let the professor continue his experiments, most of which end up with fabulous results. ____ Psi Clone R-1820 One of the first temples that Sir bolt ever discovered contained the remnants of a long forgotten robot civilization. Among the piles of greening copper torsos, a single entity remained. Lacking a voice box and the capacity for fear, the android immediately adopted Sir Bolt and Abigail Stratus and has remained a loyal companion and essential member of the crew ever since. ---

Background Information

This project was put together by two LEGO enthusiast members of Team Jigsaw. This group was originally assembled in 2011 to compete in a massive month-long MOCing competition, testing our steel against the most tempered foils in the Lego building racket. In 2011 twenty-one teams brawled in the MocAthalon, and our team finished in Third place. In 2012 thirty-nine teams strove in Lego conflict, and our team came in Second place. Once again we're optimistic for 2013, and will be expanding our ranks for this year's competition.

These long, successful competitions tend to form a bond, and our team has stayed in touch since the last competition, having fun, honing our story-telling abilities in creative writing scrimmages, building, painting and making total fools of ourselves.

Nick (Brickthing): A New Zealander Bionicle enthusiast, currently attending University in pursuit of an engineering degree. In his spare time he paints, plots and pwns.

Evan (Ehl-jay): A denizen of Hawaii, the creator of a wildly popular Portal vignette, and a significant presence in the Lego Flickr community, he has been MOCing for years at a ridiculous pace.

Why are we doing this? While LEGO has dabbled with Steampunk vehicles and minifigures in the past, there has never been a set or theme that has fully embraced the elegance and beauty of the genre. Out of nostalgia, we also wish to see the return of the legendary Johnny Thunder and his crew from yesteryear's Adventurers themes.

For more pictures of the entire project, click here!

Please show your support and share the project with your friends and family! The more people you tell, the greater chance this project has of becoming a reality!

This message was written by the LEGO CUUSOO Team. Do not modify the message in any way.

Congratulations on 1,000 Supporters!


In less than 3 months, this project has managed to gain the support of 1,000 fans, nice work! This is one the best projects for a steampunk theme I've seen. From the story details to the character descriptions to those beautiful images, you've really invested a lot of time in this project - and the community has taken notice! Best of luck to you on your journey to 10,000 supporters!