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The Adventure Time Project is an Achieved project on LEGO CUUSOO created by jazlecraz on April 15th, 2013.  The project is based on the Adventure Time cartoon.  Shortly after it was published, it received a large support boost, which carried it beyond 1,000 supporters. About three months after being published, the projects surpassed 5,000 support. The minifigures were redesigned several times until the creator settled on versions which required no new molds. On November 20th, 2013, at 9:46 PM EST, the project reached 10,000 supporters. It will be Reviewed as part of the Winter 2013 Review.

This message was written by the creator of the project. Do not modify the message in any way.

What time is it? LEGO TIME!

The Adventure Time Project has been initiated in an attempt to bring the land of Ooo to life in LEGO form. If you love Adventure Time and like the idea of building and displaying your very own set piece from the show, then please show your support by voting for this project!

To address Lego's official comment, the Adventure Time Project has been revised to maximise its chances of passing the review once it reaches 10,000 votes. The minifigures are now made completely from existing Lego pieces and the full scale Tree Fort has been retired in favour of the micro-scale version. If you would like to see the full scale concept model, you can check out my Flickr set here:

Who knows, maybe if this project is a success Lego will one day consider making the full scale Tree Fort, but for now the best chances of this concept becoming a reality is for it to enter review in its current form.

The micro-scale Tree Fort contains all of the details from the show. Weighing in at only 400 pieces, it would make the perfect display model and would be affordable for everybody!


The micro-scale Tree Fort also comes complete with micro versions of your favourite characters from the show: Finn, Jake, BMO, Ice King, Princess Bubblegum and Marceline. The set also features three minifigures so that you can create your own full scale creations: Finn the human, Jake the dog and of course BMO!

The Tree Fort also comes with a revealable interior where you will find Finn and Jake's bedroom and the main living room.


But why create only the Tree Fort in micro-scale Lego form? The Land of Ooo is filled with interesting locations just waiting to be given the Lego treatment. Although these extra models are not part of this Cuusoo submission, hopefully they will demonstrate the potential for an entire series of Adventure Time micro-scale models!


Have your say on which Adventure Time location should be made into a micro-scale model next by voting in the official survey in the comments section.

More images of all of the sets can be found in my Flickr set:

So what are you waiting for? Help make the Adventure Time Project a success by adding your vote. Thanks for stopping by!


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Congratulations on 1,000+ Supporters!


Sorry for the lateness of this comment, but we have been unable to keep up with the popularity of this project. We look forward to seeing what new character you'll be adding once you hit 3k - which should be any day now!

This message was written by the LEGO CUUSOO Team. Do not modify the message in any way.

Congratulations on 5,000+ Supporters


You've done a great job modeling the characters from Adventure Time as custom LEGO figures. Please note that within the framework of LEGO CUUSOO we can't create new molds, so we can only consider figures that use existing LEGO parts.

Also, if your project reaches 10,000 supporters, we would naturally choose to focus on a single concept, the Tree Fort, for production. It's awesome that you're considering building more Adventure Time models based on what fans want, however please submit them as independent projects if you would like to see those models considered as potential LEGO sets.

Best of luck as you continue your journey to 10,000 supporters!