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The "Nah" button is a disabled LEGO CUUSOO function.

Before October 2012, in the bottom right corner of a posted comment you could find two buttons, the "Like" button and the the "Nah" button.  The "Nah" button's purpose was to show dislike for a comment. Some comments received many "Nah"s, due to the comment stating an unpopular opinion. It was not uncommon to find comments with one or more "Nah"s. Unfortunately, sometimes the "Nah" button was pressed for no reason. If you pressed the "Nah" button, you could switch it to a "Like" by clicking the "Like" button, but you could not remove your clicking of either "Nah" or "Like."

In late September 2012, the "Nah" button was removed. Many people who saw that an update was coming to Cuusoo hoped that the review results had come at last. The next day they found that no results had been posted,but the nah button was gone. Exactly why it was withdrawn is unknown, but some possible explanations include:

  • The staff felt people were being rude with their "Nah"ing
  • Some people were leaving LEGO CUUSOO because they got offended by being receiving so many "Nah"s
  • Too many people were pressing the "Nah" button for no reason

You can no longer find "Nah"s on any project's comment section, even on comments which received them before the removal of the function.

One minor issue with the removal is that some people would create votes by having people press the "Like" or the "Nah" buttons.