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Super Heroes: Arkham City's Ultimate Showdown
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Super Heroes: Arkham City's Ultimate Showdown is a deleted project on LEGO CUUSOO created by Cap.America on October 17th, 2012.

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What is Lego?

In 1932, a carpenter named Ole Kirk Christiansen began assembling his own wooden toys. Two years later, the toys began to be called "lego," from the Danish expression "leg godt," which means "to play well." Only later did the toy makers realize that the word also means "I learn" or "I construct" in Latin. In 1958, plastic replaced the original wood materials in the toy's design. By 2009, the Lego Company was the world's sixth-largest toy manufacturer.

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The Mad Hatter has created the evil Tea Machine. Two Face has teamed up with the Mad Hatter to take down the city. Nightwing and Aquaman are there to defeat them. Comes with four minifigures, Mad Hatter, Two Face, Aquaman, and Nightwing. Plot: Mad Hatter has created a tea machine to take over Arkham City! Nightwing hears this through his computer in his secret lair. He takes the NightV to the battle. Here is a link for more images.



First Supporter: Ultron32

50th Supporter: orcawalis9


The Tea Machine features a "Tea Gadget" as well as a clock gauge. The Tea Gadget brews, mixes, and dispenses the Tea. The "Tea Machine" has harnessed the power of vaporizing. The NightV includes holders for the Escrima Sticks. It includes the portable Nightcomputer and modern technology. Located toward the scene is a hideout to help the Mad Hatter hide. On the scene is a GCPD security camera to catch the Mad Hatter, send him to Arkham Asylum, and stop his foolish crimes.


The Minifigures...


Mad Hatter

Asulf the Henchmen

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~Captain America