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Star Trek Klingon Bird of Prey is an archived project on LEGO CUUSOO created by bking on February 13th, 2013. It was archived due to conflicts with the licensing.

This message was written by the creator of the project. Do not modify the message in any way.

Klingon Bird of Prey: This MOC is based off of the Klingon Bird of Prey originally from Star Trek III, The Search for Spock. The model is 20 inches long, and nearly 30 inches wide with the wings in vertical position and 17 inches high including the stand. The wings can be raised and lowered by a gear that pops up near the back of the ship.

The goal was to have the model match the size and scope of the Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series.

I chose black and red as the color scheme mainly because of the lack of green in certain parts. However, I think the black makes it look more intimidating, and why make a space ship easy to see?



View of underside of the wings with stand.


Close up of the front seen from below.


Close up of the back. Notice gear in the middle. This pops up and then can raise and lower the wings.

Click for more info and pics on MocPages

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Click for video on YouTube ***************************************************************************** Licensing Issue: Sadly, Lego does not own the rights to sell Star Trek themed products. Please do not let that stop you from supporting. If anything, support it all the more! Tell Lego that there is interest in Star Trek Lego products.

When I started building this ship, I didn't even know Cuusoo existed or that there is even a huge online Lego community. I did it because I enjoyed building the Star Wars UCS ships ever since the X-Wing came out, and I wanted to see if I could do something similar. I always loved the Bird of Prey and I decided to take a stab at it. About 2 months into it, I started looking online for other Lego Bird of Preys to see what was out there and found out about Cuusoo. I also learned that Lego did not own the rights to Star Trek, but I didn't start out building this in hopes of making it a product, just purely for my enjoyment and for the challenge. Now that it is done, I decided to post it and see what others thought and hope for the best.

Who knows? Maybe their competitor will fail with their knock-off brand and Lego can obtain the rights then. And perhaps with enough supporters, maybe Lego will find a business case for obtaining the rights and maybe the owners of Star Trek will see that teaming with Lego makes a better business arrangement that being with a cheap knock-off.

Cuusoo means wish, so here's to wishing! Please support if you like the ship and to show Lego that people are serious for Star Trek themed Lego products.

Please support these great Star Trek Legos as well:

A very cool Enterprise Type II Hand Phaser


This message was written by the LEGO CUUSOO Team. Do not modify the message in any way.

Decision on Our Ability to Produce this Project


First and foremost, thank you for creating this project on LEGO® CUUSOO!

We've looked into the possibility of producing a set based on this licensed property (Star Trek), and since another company has the construction toy license for this IP, we can’t pursue this further as a potential LEGO set. We're sorry to be the bearers of this disappointing news.

With any IP on LEGO CUUSOO is that there is the potential of a license conflict, either with an existing license or with a competitive licensor. Still, we think it’s better to be open and allow for possibilities, knowing there will be "no" answers along the way, than shut out the potential of IP-based products altogether. After all, just because this project isn’t a possibility doesn’t mean all IP projects wouldn’t be.

We've archived this project now since we know it isn't feasible. Your project will remain visible on LEGO CUUSOO, but in a status where it can no longer be supported or commented on. This way fans can still admire your creation.

Opening ourselves to new product suggestions invites popular ideas that don't always work. We are grateful for the spirit behind projects like this Star Trek project and for the opportunity to be challenged. It keeps us sharp and looking toward the future of the LEGO brick. We hope to see more projects from you soon.