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Spider-Man: The Symbiote Costume
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Spider-Man: The Symbiote Costume is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by mmccooey on May 30th, 2013. It is based off of the alien symbiote suit Spider-Man wears prior to its becoming Venom, one of his greatest adversaries.  It follows a similar build to his Spider-Man: Ultra Pose-able Action Figure project.

This message was written by the creator of the project. Do not modify the message in any way.

Spider-Man: The Symbiote Costume

Ultra-pose-able Action Figure

First off,Thank You to the 1,000 of you to support my Spider-Man Project on Cuusoo! Spider-Man Classic Costume As promised here is here is Spider-Man's black costume!

My very first comic book was Todd McFarlane's Spider-Man#13 which was a Black Costume Variant to the Iconic Spider-Man #1. This comic was the trip down the rabbit hole into not only comic books, but art in general. It was this comic that made me pick up a pencil and start drawing. Today, I'm a making a living as a professional artist. It was the influence of Todd McFarlane (who I wrote my college entrance essay on) that I became the man I am today. I admired more than just his artistic ability but his self belief, self promotion (he sent in hundreds of submissions of his work to all the comic book companies, being rejected 100s of times before he got his shot.) and perseverance. I got a job in art in a similar matter, and it's also how I helped these projects get so much exposure. I believe in my work, and I believe in myself, and I believe that with hard work and determination you can accomplish your dreams, and Todd McFarlane is who I owe that to. He is also known for his action figures!

So Todd; I'm dedicating this project to you. Thanks for the inspiration! I will do a Spawn eventually!

As for the figure, it's the same general build as the, classic Spidey, except I made him a little bit more muscular and bulkier (he was a bit stronger in the suit) I made a few obvious changes to the chest and back in order to incorporate the large logo. Also I made some tentacles to show the inherently evil nature of the suit that eventually becomes Venom. Also, this version now has the correct amount of fingers on his hands ;)

Please support, and if you haven't checked out my other projects you can see them all here: Other Figures

And Don't Forget to check My Flickr & Moc Pages for even more pics, creations, WIPs and lots of cool poses, not seen here! Flickr

Moc Pages

Oh and 5,000 supports on the original Spider-Man will get: Spider-Man 2099!

P.S. Stay tuned for More Avengers starting with the Hulk!