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Sonic the Hedgehog (Green Hill Zone) is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by gtrocks1111 on May 7th, 2012. It commemorates the classic Sega game Sonic the Hedgehog, and was inspired by Ragaru's -_Super_Mario_Project_-.

This message was written by the creator of the project. Do not modify the message in any way.

Sonic the Hedgehog, a classic game series, has entertained gamers for generations.

This game was made by Sega. This set is made by me, but the Sonic the Hedgehog is owned by Sega. There are many maps and levels that could be made into Lego. I chose the most well known and classic level, Green Hill Zone, to represent this project. It is definitely the most iconic level in the game. Even some people who are not fans of Sonic will recognize it.

Although Erector has made a few Sonic the Hedgehog construction toys, it is most likely that they only own rights to the Sonic the Hedgehog Racing Games, such as Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing Transformed, as they have only made sets from this game and the other Sonic the Hedgehog Racing Game. They have not made sets of any of the platformer Sonic games, like the classic one shown here from the original Sonic game. This means that Lego would be allowed, with Sega's consent, to produce a Sonic the Hedgehog Lego set without infringing on any agreement Erector may have with Sega. Of course, there is the chance that Erector has the full Sonic the Hedgehog Construction Toy License, but contracts end, and that is only a small possibility anyway. Click here to check out an article about their agreement if you would like more information The Sonic figure is okay, but if Lego made this, they would do much better.

Some interesting bits of information about this build is that at 2,095 pieces, it has a relatively high part count, but 1,695 of those pieces are 1x2 plates. If you remove all those 1x2 plates, the project only contains 400 pieces. The price count shouldn't be to high, as majority of the pieces are the 1x2 pieces, which are inexpensive in comparison to a lot of the other Lego pieces.

Check out more pics of this project on Mocpages here and on Flickr here. You can also download this project to your LDD at the bottom of the project page. You can also download it by clicking here.

I made a youtube video for this project. It has a lot more pictures of the project. It shows the whole project and its part from different angles! Check it out here.

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A special thanks to Ragaru for the inspiration for me to create this project. His Super Mario World Project is fantastic, but sadly, it was archived because Lego can not get the Super Mario Bros. license. His rendition of the wonderfully classic game looks great! You can find it here. His Legend of Zelda project is just really well made. This brilliant rendition of the wildly popular game series is extremely accurate, and the sharper, Twilight Princess like look he is using for it is the way to go I think with The Legend of Zelda Legos. It has now reached 10,000 supports! We await the review results! Check it out here.


This is part of the main area. The two other parts can be seen in the main picture. Sonic

must traverse the area. There are many possible enemies that could be used. I made two

Buzz Bombers, common enemies in the level. There are spike obstacles. There are trees

and flowers. There is a background with a sea, a sky, and mountains.


This is a boss battle. It is Sonic the Hedgehog against Dr. Eggman. There are platforms

for Sonic to jump on. He then jumps on Dr. Eggman's head a few times to defeat him. Dr.

Eggman is in his flying machine the Egg Mobile. It has a swinging egg. Dr. Eggman uses

this to try to defeat Sonic.


The finish! It has a sign with Sonic's head on it. This means you have completed the



The five sections separate. You can connect and disconnect them for maximum play

ability. You can collect all the pieces. There are pins on the sides, so you can attach

them in any order that you want.

P.S.- Sonic wanted me to tell all the Cuusoo users that (click link)

at getting this great project to 10,000 supporters that is! (Okay, maybe he didn't say it

quite like that.) Thanks again to all the supporters!