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STAR KNIGHTS is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by reekardoo. It was uploaded on June 18th, 2013

This message was written by the creator of the project. Do not modify the message in any way.


"The age of Gems is at an end."

- Lord Harrold, Grand Master of the Cygnus Order -

STAR KNIGHTS is a fantastic science fiction saga that takes place in 3 worlds (Ua, Naya and Nuii) with very different characteristics. It is mainly set in a medieval, gearpunk yet high tech universe where magic and technology are merged. Several factions strive for dominance, each vouching for their way of life be it light, dark, nature or machine.

Because CUUSOO says we can only have one set, I've created a Mech Knight from the Pegasus Order that protects the city of Mythos.

There were many options to choose from but as this is a vast universe I've created, I believe this mecha is to be the most affordable and coolest option. The set will probably have a second mech for the Pegasus to do battle with - still in development stage. I hope you like it and please support this project!


If you want to know more about this new universe just ask in the comments section!!!


The PEGASUS KNIGHT is piloted by none other than "Red" Aaron, a young soldier on the service of the Dwarven king Lord Stonax, ruler of Mythos and the Eastern Dragon mountains. Though he proved a poor melee fighter himself during his early years in Pegasi Barracks, through the PEGASUS KNIGHT he found an extension of his power and has since then become one of the most skilled sword masters in the land.


Another character

Thalia - Elven ranger of the desert lands to the East of Myhtos, beyond the Dragon mountains. It is unknown how the Desert Elves survive in such a dry climate nor it is known why they would choose such a place to live. But with the Elves there's always more than what the eye can see. It is believed that their vast territory holds great hidden riches. Many knights have tried to find such treasures, but ended up falling prey to the desert waste. That is the land of the Desert Elves, and only those invited can enter.


Lord Cygnus - an orphan child named after the Order who took him and raised him. Today he is the most revered hero in the Northwestern Peninsula and heir to the Grand Master title of his Order. The Cygnus have their castle on the Marble coast, near the great port of Askalethion - the Feather Fortress. Their allies of old, the Dwarven Enginnering Syndicate, rule the trading port bringing benefits and prosperity to both. The Cygnus provide protection and the Dwarven provide the technology.


The dreaded "SunZun soldiers"

They serve the Lord in the Eclipse moon - Naya. After the first portal was created allowing voyages between Ua and it's moon Naya, these "demons" took several cities in the western lands across the Ocean lake. They were only stopped by the combined efforts of the Cygnus Order and the Dwarven Syndicate. Till this day, the western territories, once home of many nations, are hold by prince Vizir, Lord of Naya and western Ua.