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Piano is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by Hidaka on October 30th, 2008.  It was created while LEGO CUUSOO was in the Alpha stage and limited to Japan, and so is one of the oldest active projects on the site.  It proposes a series of pianos that each come with a famous composer as a minifigure.  It would also include information on the type of piano and its composer's history.

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Now supporter is 3,000 over!!!

And 100,000 views over!!! Thank you ALL!!! :D Thank you again!

This is a Piano.

I would like to add the Music Instruments to the Lego Products Line. Because Boys and Girls, Children and Adults, everyone love MUSIC! And I hope they will be interested in both Lego and Music.

This idea include Grand Piano, Upright Piano and other kinds of Piano with Mini-figs of well-known composers.

Main picture is White Grand Piano with 4 well-known composers and Mia. She get the White Grand Piano from them at White Day. (March 14th is White Day in Japan. White Day is unique to Japan. The event is a twin celebration of Valentine's Day. )

2nd picture is this set image. And each set include Composer's Mini-fig, documentation of Architecture and Composer's history. So we can not only build this Piano, but also we can study about Piano and music.

Please check this promotional video in Youtube. Lego Piano

When your friend love music or can play the Piano, this is better for a gift regardless of sex or age.

And we can adopt the Lego Piano as a gift of the piano concert. So both boys and girls will be happy. And their parents will welcome the Lego Piano. Because almost people think Lego is best for their education.

And I think this set will create a new market. Because the seller will be able to put in a musial store or place. Example for a musical instrument store, a concert hall, a CD/DVD shop, rental shop or etc.

In Christmas, White Piano and Santa's Mini-fig is good set, isn't it?

Both Lego & Music has imagination and creativity!

Please support this project! :)

Promotional Video in Youtube. Lego Piano Lego Music Instruments Making videos are in Youtube. Grand Piano White Grand Piano And you can check this Parts List. Parts List of Grand Piano How to make Lego Upright Piano with Parts List

Project History : 1,000 Supporters - Jan 25th, 2012 2,000 Supporters - May 18th, 2012 3,000 Supporters - Oct 22th, 2012 4,000 Supporters -

Note : "Music Architecture" is only temporary. Document image is by wikipedia.




音楽が好きな、またはピアノを弾くことができるお友達や知人へのプレゼントにいかがでしょうか? 年齢や性別に関係なく、喜ばれると思います。

特に、ピアノのコンサートなどの記念品にすれば、男の子にも、女の子にも喜んでもらえると思います。 また、保護者の立場からも、レゴは知育玩具でもあり、喜ばれると思います。

さらに、このセットは、新たなマーケットを開拓する可能性を持っています。なぜなら、音楽関係のお店や、音楽に関係した場所に置くことで、よりたくさんの人に興味を持ってもらうことができるからです。 例えば、楽器店、コンサートホール、CDショップ、レンタル屋などです。 Piano1

This is image of the Piano set. This set include Composer's Mini-fig and Documents of Piano and Composer. Piano2

There are Grand Piano, Upright Piano, Harpsichord and Pipe Organ. I wish Piano is with Chopin's mini-fig, and Pipe Organ is with Bach's minifig. Note:Mini-fig Design by Sakuretsu Japan Piano3

There are 3 colors Grand Piano and Upright Piano. Piano4

Stephanie is playing the Piano and Andrea is singing a song.

(Stephanie and Andrea is from Lego Friends.)

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Hi Hidaka these pianos are amazing designs in a small scale. We like the creative application of bricks and building techniques you have here.

Great potential as a collectible, with different styles of pianos, and even the history of key instruments and iconic performers/composers on them as figures.

We can many interesting ideas come from this.

This message was written by the LEGO CUUSOO Team. Do not modify the message in any way.

Received the concept model computer graphics!



Piano02 Piano03 Piano04