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Narnia The Dawn Treader
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Narnia: The Dawn Treader is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by skywalker89 on June 5th, 2013.

This message was written by the creator of the project. Do not modify the message in any way.

For a long time, and especially since the release of the Chronicles of Narnia film franchise, LEGO fans have been building, creating, and designing Narnia-related sets. And it is no wonder - the series is full of action and adventure, as well as strong male and female characters that children can identify with. Plus, the story affords the LEGO Group the opportunity to invent new parts and bring more rare pieces into more common use. For example, a new piece that might be used is centaur legs. Beavers are animal figures that we have not seen before in LEGO but would be a must for Narnia. Minotaur headpieces could be reused. All in all, Narnia could be a very profitable venture for the LEGO Group.

This, my third Narnia set, is the largest by far. It too is an iconic set for fans of the Narnia series. The 'Dawn Treader' is not the only ship we encounter in the Narnia series, but it is certainly the most widely known and recognized, given that it has an entire book (and now film) named after it. This legendary ship carries King Caspian X, Edmund, Lucy, Eustace, Reepicheep, and the rest of the crew to the end of the world and back again. I took a long time designing and building this ship, trying to get it just right, while staying true to LEGO style, detail, and playability. Take a look!

Here is a shot of the entire model put together. The first thing you will notice is undoubtedly the iconic green dragon's head, wings, and tail. Another thing that will stand out is the bright purple sail. You will notice that in this model I have constructed a rolled-up sail out of actual bricks. In the physical model, the sail would of course be made of a fabric element and would have the Golden Lion emblem emblazoned on it. Unfortunately, after spending a long time searching though the many bricks on LEGO Digital Designer, I was unable to find a fabric sail element, so I constructed it with plastic pieces instead. Use your imagination here to picture how great it would look with and actual fabric sail!

The 'Dawn Treader' model is built in two sections - the upper and lower decks. The decks are joined by only a few 'clickable' connecting pieces to allow the decks to be easily separated so that the interior of the lower deck can be seen and played with. I will show and decribe in detail each deck below. This set would probably retail somewhere between $120 - $150 USD. Here you see some detail shots from the lower deck. In the largest image, you get a good look at the bunking area in the center of the low deck. This is comprised of four minifigure-sized bunks, and one tiny bunk suspended up higher where Reepicheep can sleep. Running in between the bunks is a staircase that leads to the upper deck. Also in this shot (and in a couple of the small images) you can get a look at the rowing benches. Long oars stick out of the sides of the ship. Crew members can sit on these benches and row when there is no wind in the sails.

In the topmost smaller image, you can see that storage area with Eustace and Reepicheep. On the left-hand shelf are a number of packages and bottles, as well as a nice steak. On the right-hand side are several barrels of supplies, as well as a mop and a bucket for swabbing the deck. Reepicheep sits on yet another barrel. Next to him are the infamous oranges that Eustace tries to steal. In the other two small images, you catch a glimpse of the ship's armory, complete with four swords and two crossbows, so that the ship's crew can be armed and fighting at a moment's notice. These full and detail shots of the upper deck give you a good look at a variety of features. Around the mast are a number of barrels, among which Gael hides in the film. Across from them is a trapdoor leading to the lower deck. The stairs in the lower deck lead directly to this trapdoor. The mast itself is topped with a crow's nest flying a bright purple flag. At the front of the ship sits the large brass bell, a relic from the kingdom of Caspian's father, Caspian IX. In the film, it is engraved with the names of the seven lost lords. At the back of the ship, two staircases lead upward to a large helm. In the topmost image on the right, we get a more detailed look at the helm from a different angle.

Right below that image, we can see a small balcony that comes off of the Captain's Cabin, from which Lucy can glimpse a water nymph. The Captain's Cabin itself is pictured below this image and features a nicer bed than the ones below-deck, as well as a fireplace, a chair, and the mirror through which Lucy sees the vision of her looking as beautiful as her sister Susan. This set would come complete with 13 minifigures! They are listed from left to right, top row first, and then the bottom row. Listed next to each figure is his or her accessories, if any. Those accessories listed as 'not pictured' can usually be found in the shots of the model, if you look close enough. Please also note that some of the minifigures in the model shots vary a little from the minifigures pictured here. These are what I regard as the more complete minifigures.

King Caspian X - Spyglass, Sword (not pictured) Edmund - Rhindon (Sword) Lucy - Cordial, Dagger (not pictured) Eustace - Butcher Knife Reepicheep - N/A Rhince - Crossbow (not pictured) Gael - Orange (not pictured) Drinian - Sword (not pictured) Tavros - Lantern (not pictured) Faun Sailor - Crossbow (not pictured) Sweaty Sailor - Sword (not pictured) Dwarf Sailor - Sword (not pictured) Water Nymph - N/A

I hope that you agree with me about the great potential that Narnia LEGOs may have. Continue to check back as I expand my set designs for the Narnia line. I will post links here to new projects as they are approved. Thank you for your interest, and please consider clicking 'Support'!

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