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Minecraft Microworlds-The End Now Out! is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by MrDarthhenry on December 31st, 2012.  Its goal is to provide expansion sets to the Minecraft Micro World set. The orginal project can be found here.

This message was written by the creator of the project. Do not modify the message in any way.


Ever since the first Minecraft set has been released, what almost every LEGO fan (including me) has been craving is another Minecraft set. I am hoping to help make that dream come true by making this project. Please tell your friends about this after you have supported and together, we can do this together! I know that Cuusoo only makes one set per project and that is why I have added multiple sets so that if this passes, LEGO can pick the one they want to make, thereby maximizing its success. However I would like to see the Nether get made as it is probably the most iconic Minecraft biome.

The project's main picture is a Tundra Microworld that has 378 pieces and is compatible with the original Minecraft set. The micro-mobs included are a red Steve and a Chicken. It contains rock, cobblestone, emerald, snow, ice, leaf, dirt and wood blocks. There are two caves, one is seen and the other one is hidden. This set would sell for around $40.


This set is based on the Minecraft Skyblock challenge. Basically you spawn on this little island in space and have a tree, and a chest with a bucket of lava and a bucket of water. You then use that to make an infinite cobblestone source. It has 72 pieces and includes Steve and skeleton micro-mobs. It includes dirt, lava, cobblestone, leaf, wood, and a chest. This set would cost around $15. This set was designed by my partner bobabrickz in his project (featured below). After consulting him, he agreed to let me feature this in my project.


This Nether microworld is compatable with the original Minecraft set and has 365 pieces. The micro-mobs included are a Ghast, a Zombie Pigman and a Magma Cube. It contains netherrack, soul sand, lava, glowstone, and obsidian blocks. I decided not to include a Steve as he does not naturally spawn in the Nether. This set would sell for around $40 and is the one I would like LEGO to make.


Well, I finally got around to finishing this and I am quite pleased with the result! This micro-world is based of The End, is compatible with the original Minecraft set, and has 387 pieces. The micro-mobs included are a two, very iconic Endermen! The blocks that this set contains are: Ender Stone, Bedrock, Obsidian, an Ender Dragon Egg, and the Ender Crystals. I understand that this set is missing the most important part (the Ender Dragon), but I could not find a suitable design for him and it was delaying the publishing of this set. I will however, update this with the Ender Dragon when I am able to find a design something decent enough.


And last of all, we have a minifig scaled set that includes 126 pieces. It's based on the moment where you spawn for the very first time on a new world. Even though there aren't stone blocks, there are stone tools for more playability. This set would sell for around $20.