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Micro-Dinosaurs is a project on LEGO Ideas, created by MachineWolf7 on October 20th, 2014. It features several small, brick build dinosaurs.

This message was written by the creator of the project. Do not modify the message in any way.

While dinosaurs have tended to be a popular subject in LEGO, most sets have suffered from one of 3 things: too much peripheral material, too high a price for the coolest Dinosaurs, or being exclusively a display model, rather then a playable toy. To correct this gap, Micro-Dinosaurs (MD) is being proposed to be considered for an official LEGO set. Featuring several small, articulated dinosaurs, MD will be priced right for those who want a herd of different dinosaurs, all in one set.

Brachiosaurus: Some of the largest plant eaters, Brachiosaurus were giants of the prehistoric era. This model features pose-able legs, movable head and adjustable tail. The Brachiosaur here takes approximately 50 pieces to make. The set includes 1 Brachiosaur.

Stegosaurus: With a spiked tail and heavily armored back, the Stegosaurus is prepared for any menace by carnivores. Being herbivores, they eat plants, and tend to only fight when threatened. Each has four pose-able legs and one movable tail. Each Stegosaurus is made of approximately 30 pieces. The set includes 3 Stegosaurus.

Triceratops: Often moving in herds, the Triceratops are a herbivorous species with large horns on their faces. When they line up, no carnivore wishes to tangle with them. The Triceratops here come with four movable legs, a pose-able tail, and adjustable head. Each is approximately 45 pieces. The set contains 2 Triceratops.

Tyrannosaurus (T-Rex): Probably one of the most well known carnivores, the Tyrannosaurus Rex (Tyrant Lizard) is ready to begin the hunt. With a green and brown version, you can have a team paring up in search of meat, or sparring over a carcass. Each comes with movable legs, adjustable heads and pose-able tails. Each takes around 30 pieces to build. The set includes 2 T-Rex.

Feel free to make any suggestions you have for improvements and suggest other dinosaurs you would like to see in an update/future.

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