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Adventure Time: Marceline's Cave House
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Marceline's Cave House  is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by FinnMertens on March 12th, 2013.

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What is Cuusoo? There is a small but possible chance that you have encountered this page without knowing what this website is about. Cuusoo is a site where people submit ideas for new LEGO sets. If the project can get 10,000 supporters then LEGO will review the project. If LEGO likes the idea, and can get permission from the IP holders, then they will create their own version of the project and mass produce it to make it available to you. It is completely free! When you click support, you are not making any promise to purchase the set or spend any money whatsoever. You are simply saying you believe LEGO should make this set so everyone has a chance to buy it. So, if you want to see Marceline's House immortalised in brick-form, then please create an account and click the green SUPPORT button at the top right of this page! If you REALLY like this set, please also share this page on Facebook and Twitter! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This project is based on Marceline's secluded cave house from the Cartoon Network series Adventure Time. Finn and Jake come to visit her here on many occasions and they tend to hang out into the long hours of the night.

If you'd like to have this iconic place from the series, then you've stumbled upon that future set! This rendition has 571 pieces, 6 minifigures, and many pieces in a rare lavender colour! With an open-back feature, as well as each floor being easily removable, interior access is no worry!

Includes: Finn the Human Boy Marceline the Vampire Queen Hunson Abadeer (Marceline's Father and ruler of the Nightosphere) Schwabl (Marceline's Undead Poodle) Georgy (Ghost Friend of Marcy) Booboo (Ghost Friend of Marcy)

Features: Living Room Kitchen Bedroom Patio Front Lawn

Please support today if you want to rock out with Ooo's Vampire Queen in brick form!

Any Comments or Criticisms are welcome in this domain!

At 100 supporters I will add Jake and Marceline's bathroom to the house!