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Marble Run is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by PeterJ on October 30th, 2012.  It seeks to bring the Marble Run toy into LEGO format. One problem facing this project is that it requires several new molds.

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Create the marble run you have ever dreamt of and give your creativity free rein! Discover the new world of Lego Marble Run.

For hi-res and more pictures check Flickr Pics

For video check Flickr Video

Idea and concept

The concept combines the creativity and flexibility the Lego system provides with the world of marble runs. All you need is a slope to set the marble in motion, straight tracks to bridge distance and curves to change direction. Not only building a Marble Run is fun but also playing afterwards.

Marble Run could be an own theme or part of the Games theme. It basically re-uses existing parts such as bricks, plates and wall elements. Only five new parts would be needed which could also be used for other models. Pillars are another key element since they could be theme based.

Basic sets

- Beginner: sloping bricks, curved plates/wall elements, marble, straight bricks/plates/wall elements, base plate 32x32

- Advanced: same parts as Beginner set but with more pieces, also includes some extension parts

- Expert: same parts as Advanced set but with more pieces and a bigger base plate

Extension sets

- Pillar: different kind of theme based pillars such as castle towers, skyscrapers, trees, rockets, giant mushrooms, etc.

- Add on: cross-way, jump, change of direction 90° and 180°, tube, funnel (to throw multiple marbles into), motorised elevator, etc.

- Color: colored and transparent parts

Further sets

- Combines parts of all sets

Main picture above

Example of an 'Advanced' set Marble Run model plus extension set 'Pillars'

Includes castle tower pillars and rock/cave pillar, cross-way, jump inclusive change of direction 180°, change of direction 90° included in the small tower Marble run 1

New parts: sloping bricks, curved plate 90°, curved wall elements 90°, marble Marble run 2

A selection of Add Ons - Back row: jump inclusive change of direction 180°, change of direction 90°

- Front row: cross-way, tube Marble run 3 Example of a 'Beginner' set Marble Run model Marble run 4 Example of an 'Advanced' set Marble Run model, double-tracked including special colored parts and cross-way


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