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Macrofigures is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by CrashSanders on August 27th, 2011. Many of the suggested Macro figures are from Minecraft.

This message was written by the creator of the project. Do not modify the message in any way.

The Macrofigures is a name of my new LEGO modelling style that represents action figure of humanized characters from different fictions.

Macrofigs has many points of articulations that provides maximal poseability.

The idea of making such a figures has came to me after meeting the Herobrine's Phenomenon from Minecraft game. I wanted to build him just for fun. As the result, I has made a few different macrofigures, and, possibly, will make more.

Note: I do not suggest the exact designs! All those copyrighted characters are made to show which possibilities has Macrofigure design.

Here you can find LXF files of all Macrofig models I made:


Greek warriors known as a hoplites were very popular until Alexander the Great.Hoplites were armed with short sword, heavy spear and big round shields known as hoplons. The most famous hoplites are Spartans.


This place is vacant


The trivial fantasy Ork grunt with big axe.


A mascot of Minecraft game, the silent kamikaze monster, also known as Creeper.


Q: Hey, why are you no using Bionicle and Hero Factory parts on these? A: This theme is not supposed to contain them. The main goal of Macrofigures is to create a brick-built action figures.

Q: There was Master Chief figure before, where did it gone? A: I removed Chief and Star Craft marine in order to not have any problems with Mega Blocks who already have their licensed Halo- and StarCraft-based themes.

Q: Cool stuff! Please, make (insert your character or franchize name)! A: I am not completing requests, sorry.

Q: Those are awesome! Where can I see more?

A: There is a link to the Brickshelf gallery in the description, you are welcome to visit it.