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MINECRAFT Cave Explorer Board Game is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by Orcaman4 on February 10th, 2012.  It is proposing a LEGO board game based on the popular minecraft video game.

This message was written by the creator of the project. Do not modify the message in any way.

Seeing that LEGO now has a Minecraft license from Mojang, why not a board game to start off the new line of sets? This is design 4.5. Now the game has taken a major rule change.

Craft tools to mine ore in the caves of Minecraft. Redeem the ores for emeralds which can be used to purchase tools (in case you do not have the materials to craft the tools in question). Whoever has the most emeralds at the end of the game wins!


The board has nine cave tiles which can be switched around. Here, the stone/ore blocks are mined. With wood and other materials, you can craft more pickaxes and swords to fend off the hordes of mobs. However, craft wisely, as you must have the most emeralds at the end of the game in order to win!


While the above picture is Design 3, the current design may be able to borrow elements from this. Whilst this is almost twice as large as Design 4.5, I believe this can be a worthy alternative to the current design.


These are the possible game pieces for the players (multi-colored Steves) and mobs. These may have to be replaced by microfigures.


This project went through five models.

Design 1.0 "Minecraft Board Game:




The first design was based off of the board for LEGO's existing board game, "Atlantis Treasure." You had to collect blocks to build a staircase to the Enderdragon, but also had to avoid creepers along the way.

Design 2.0 "Minecraft: The Board Game"


This version was heavily inspired by the Heroica tabletop RPGs released by LEGO. You had to go through multiple dungeons to collect keys. The keys would unlock the End, where you would fight the Enderdragon. Other than the board and basic gameplay, it was not too much of a difference from Design 1.0 in that it was built in the same style.

Design 3.0 "Minecraft: The Board Game"


Design 3.0 had similar gameplay to its predecessor, but the board elements dramatically changed: now everything was done in a blocky built. This differentiated this design from the other two. You had to collect Ender Pearls instead of keys, and you were able to tame pets that provided a second roll of the die during a fight as long as you had at least two lives left.

It had multiple modules which were continually added as Minecraft updated.LDDScreenShot287 Because of this, it required too much effort and the board became too large.


Design 4.0 "MINECRAFT Cave Explorer"

MINECRAFT Cave Explorer- Base Plate Creation

The "Cave Explorer" design was an attempt to stop mirroring the exact gameplay of Minecraft, and instead offered a ruleset where you had to search caves for stones and ores which could be traded at the village for emeralds. Whoever had the most emeralds at the end of a game won. Because the first board design failed (shown at left), this almost became a failed project. However, a second board was created before the new rules were published.

Design 4.5

MINECRAFT Cave Explorer- Full Board
The new board allowed for the cave tiles to be switched around, and allowing for some extra gameplay in the outer Overworld, with being able to punch trees.