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Lovely Sailboat! is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by Ssorg on May 14th, 2012.  The project resembles a sailboat with several minifigures. 

This message was written by the creator of the project. Do not modify the message in any way.

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So, we've seen countless motorboats and ships as LEGO sets, but at least to my knowledge there has never been a respectable sailboat LEGO set before! The only sailboats seen in sets have been little thingies, like in this set or in this one. Not to mention this!

So let us bring out the first REAL sailboat set! I've made this cutie, resembling a classic wooden boat, as a decent proposal. This design comprises of around 450 pieces. Not being a licenced product, it would not cost much. Click this to see the dimensions of the model in both centimeters and inches.

The cabin roof can be easily detached, and inside I've added seats for two minifigures and a table:

Sailboat 2

Click this to see the image above in higher resolution.

(And no, it's not a pirate vessel! :P The Jolly Roger (pirate banner) is just for fun here. The final product could come, for example, with a flag with LEGO logo? At any rate, this sailboat absolutely needs a flag pole!)

Two of the strings have grip bars so that minifigs can climb the mast, also one can attach flags to the strings.

The sailboat comes with a handy dinghy, so that sailors can go ashore even where water is too shallow for the sailboat herself:Click this to see the image above in higher resolution.

To note, in my original MLCAD design the hull has slightly better curved edges, but due to 18 degree 1 x 4 slope bricks being currently unavailable in tan, I had to use 33 degree 1 x 3 slopes instead. Click this to see the original design and how the availability issue affected the final model here. The LEGO company, of course, will not have such problems.

The final product would probably come with two or so minifigures. As a part of the project I've made some examples of what kind of minifigs could come with this. Aren't they convincing-looking as passionate sailors? :D

Sailboat 3

Click this to see the image above in higher resolution.

Of course, a sailboat like this easily attracts all kinds of people wanting to enjoy the ride in the wind, for instance these dedicated fellas, and this old salt doesn't want to be left ashore either. Indeed, an attractive beauty as she is, all people want to have their slice of joy!

Sailboat 4

Click this to see the image above in higher resolution.

Indeed, let us raise the sails for this project and support it so we can have a fine sailboat LEGO set at last! :D

Known web coverage: --- Many thanks to GlenBricker for featuring all my projects on his blog! :)

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