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League of Stars - Fire Response Speeder
Fire Response Speeder
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League of Stars - Fire Response Speeder is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by SpecialFX23 on July 30th, 2014. The set is currently one of two "League of Stars" projects created by SpecalFX23.

This message was written by the creator of the project. Do not modify the message in any way.

Storyline -

The League of Stars is an intergalactic response team founded by the envisioner "Thomas Nightfly". The League of Stars is divided into five different groups, each signified by the color of their armor: Rescue (White), Stealth (Black), Combat (Light Yellow), Fire Response (Red), and Elite (Dark Gray), each of which with their own subdivisions used for tackling certain situations.

However, with every team of intergalactic heroes, comes a villain, such as the demented mastermind named Dakul Theron has sworn to destroy the League of Stars and everything it stands for and become the ruler of the galaxy...and its up to them to stop him.

Features -

  • Includes 3 Minifigures: Ted, Doug, and Alexander (Bios below)
  • Water Cannons swivel and can be raised
  • Speeder can "glide" across the ground via 2x2 circular "spotlight" pieces
  • Water Cannon seats can spin
  • Includes three Water shooter Guns
  • Includes 100+ Pieces

Minifigures -

  • Ted Morgan - Ted is Doug's best friend ever since they met when they were children. Through some mishap, he and Doug ended up in the League of Stars in the Fire Response division, but they decided to stay with the League afterwards. During a dangerous mission, Ted made a noble choice that saved the life of Thomas Nightfly, the leader of the League of Stars, whereas the rest of the his team (excluding Doug) left him under the orders of the team commander; Alexander Lionskin. This action earned him Thomas' respect and the title of commander in the Fire Response unit, a position previously held by Alexander, who is not good at forgetting or forgiving. Ted is a very cheery person who enjoys having fun, but still makes a good commander. The orange on his left arm signifies him as the Commander of the "Orange Team".
  • Doug Cooper - Doug is Ted's second-in-command and his best friend. He is unique among the rest of the team---namely because he always talks random gibberish (which Ted seems to understand for some reason), his behavior is sometimes---a little unpredictable, and is always cheerfully smiling. The rest of the "Orange Team" wonder why Doug is like that. Some of them think that he and Ted might have come through a time machine or travelled through an inter-galaxy portal....both of which might be true...
  • Alexander Lionskin - Alexander Lionskin was the past leader of the "Orange Team" of the Fire Response Division of the League of Stars, with Ted getting his position for showing true bravery and the ability to make the right decisions when commanding and because of Alexander's recklessness and disregard for his team members. When downgraded to an ordinary team member, Alexander began showing a hatred for Ted, Doug, and Thomas Nightfly, a hatred that may push him to fighting against the League of Stars.

The Fire Response Speeder -
The Fire Response Speeder was created with a "small, fast-moving, fire truck" in mind that could get to the fire in a small amount of time so the fire wouldn't spread. It is equipped with two very powerful Water Cannons on the front and back and the vehicle controls are placed on a small tower near the back, so the pilot's vision isn't blocked by the front Water Cannon.

Crew members commonly need to remove their armor to sit in the seats on the vessel, something which most of them complain about.

The Crew Members are also supplied with powerful, hand-held Water Sprayers, which are at least 1/3 as powerful as the Water Cannons.

A crate is also contained underneath the control tower containing important supplies for their missions.

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