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LEGO Lightsabers is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by scott34567 on February 29th, 2012. It is a project dedicated to getting life-size Star Wars lightsabers produced in LEGO.

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Who doesn't like lightsabers? My idea is to allow us mere humans not in that galaxy far, far away to participate in the age-old Jedi and Sith tradition of completing our skills and building a lightsaber. Just like the "real thing" each lightsaber has a crystal inside, and each lightsaber has enough detail to give its expensive brethren a run for their money.

These lightsabers are sturdy enough to withstand being handled and sturdy enough to support the blade concept. Furthermore, I want to make these hilts as realistic as possible to pass off as a prop for a costume (for people who are into that sort of thing).

Each lightsaber ranges from approximately 100 bricks (Yoda) to approximately 300 bricks (Darth Maul). The 5 lightsabers pictured combined have a brick count of about 1,100.

Click the flickr link below to see the Episode I Obi-Wan Kenobi land Qui Gonn Jinn ightsaber!

UPDATES 7 April 2013: And trust me, these lightsabers can withstand a convention crowd! I brought Luke's and Vader's hilts to the Orlando MEGACON in March 2013, and they held up to the bumping and pushing of the convention goers.

Look for the addition of the Asajj Ventress's and Darth Malgus's lightsaber by the end of April!

After 9 months of tinkering, I have finally decided on a stand design. You can see the original stand concept here: original stand concept

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You can see more pictures of lightsaber concepts here on Flickr


誰がライトセーバーのようにしないのですか?私は本当に、ライトセーバーを好まない人意味ですか?私の考えは、私たちは単なる人間ではない銀河の遠く、遠くライトセーバーを構築するための古いジェダイとシスの伝統に参加できるようにすることです。それぞれのライトセーバーは "クリスタル"の中を持っており、それぞれがその高価な兄弟に彼らのお金のために実行を与えるために十分な詳細を持っています。


Français: Qui n'aime pas les sabres laser? Je veux dire vraiment, qui n'aime pas les sabres laser? Mon idée est de nous permettre de simples humains pas dans une galaxie loin, très loin pour participer à la tradition séculaire Jedi et les Sith de construire un sabre laser. Chaque sabre laser a un "cristal" à l'intérieur, et chacun a suffisamment de détails pour donner à ses frères coûteux une course pour leur argent.

C'est mon but de rendre ces assez robuste pour résister à être manipulés et suffisamment robuste pour supporter mon concept de lame. En outre, je tiens à rendre ces poignées de sabre laser aussi réaliste que possible de faire passer comme un accessoire pour un costume (pour les personnes qui sont dans ce genre de chose).


Display stand with minifigure.


Each lightsaber has a crystal inside of it. Master Yoda prefers a nice shade of green.


Blade concept! Each lightsaber is designed to have a brick built blade attach to the hilt. Not strong enough for dueling, but strong enough for looking awesome! Want to see more, check out the flickr page and facebook page!!


To be added by 29 APR 13. Stay tuned! Darth Malgus and Asajj Ventress

May-Jun 2013 Qui Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi (padawan lightsaber)

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Congratulations on 1,000+ Supporters!


Great work, scott34567! These are really awesome looking brick-built Lightsabers with tons of great detail. But for a few telltale signs, they look like they could be real. They'd be great to show on a shelf, or to wear at a Star Wars™ Celebration event. Good luck on your journey to 10,000 supporters!