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L.M.I.R. - Circus Maximus
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L.M.I.R. - Circus Maximus is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by bigboy99899 on April 12th, 2013. It was originally called L.M.I.R. Lego Modular Imperium Romanum, but its name was later changed when more L.M.I.R. themed projects were published.

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L.M.I.R. - Lego Modular Imperium Romanum - Project

The project will produce sets based on the ancient Roman Imperium. The sets will be modular, the players can put them together to a big (or even small) roman city. The concept's basics (requirements for all sets):

- Educational: each set based on real knowledge, realistic and scientific. This allows that the sets can be used in schools for learning. - Artistic: each set must be impressive, attempting to appropriate the ancient art. - Challenging: the sets must be suitable for beginners and for the advanced builders, offering a good time while creating. and not at least - Playable: with each set you can play, and feel as you would live in the ancient Rome.

Current Set: L.M.I.R. - Circus Maximus


The planned sets and their status:

L.M.I.R. - Circus Maximus - Complete. L.M.I.R. - Roman Racing Chariot - Complete. L.M.I.R. - Roman House - Complete. L.M.I.R. - Garden - Planned. L.M.I.R. - Roman Amphitheatre - Idea. L.M.I.R. - Gladiators - Idea. L.M.I.R. - Small House - Idea. L.M.I.R. - Roman Wineyard - Idea. L.M.I.R. - Great Temple - Idea. L.M.I.R. - Limes with Tower - Idea. L.M.I.R. - Roman Port - Idea. L.M.I.R. - Legio - Idea. L.M.I.R. - Arch - Idea. L.M.I.R. - Roman Bath - Idea.

Coming soon: detailed pictures, higher resolution.


L.M.I.R. - Circus Maximus The Circus Maximus is an ancient Roman chariot racing stadium. It was the first and largest stadium in ancient Rome. You can play a real chariot race!

Main sectors are: carceres - starting gates spina - the median strip metae - turning posts finish line imperial box temple seating triumphal arch


More at: L.M.I.R. Blog Page


Stay tuned for the next set. This page will be updated with the completed new sets