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Kragnar: Azshrak Villains
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Kragnar: Azshrak Villains  is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by MachineWolf7 on June 9, 2013. This is an extension to his project Azshrak: Reshaped Realms, and features the minions of the Season One villain, Varma.

This message was written by the creator of the project. Do not modify the message in any way.

Whoever so desecrates our lands, shall be one the same, if not the worse...

~Kragnar chant

The following project is connected with the series Azshrak: Reshaped Realms, viewable here.

The Kragnar are a brutish race which live on the surface of the rebuilt world of Azshrak. They mostly reside in the forests or rocky hills, preferring the closed spaces to the wide open plains.


Set notes: The two models presented can either be two variations of the Kragnar and sold as two sets, sold as one set, or they can be two alternate concepts with only one being used. The only difference in either model is the head and face pieces.

Part count: 65 pieces

History: The only things known about them came from Queen Varma, who was not always the most honest, though she often told the truth. The Kragnar had apparently been a smaller, weak species that hid under tree roots and tiny cracks to avoid being eaten or crushed. At some point, the Ookren decided to upgrade the little creatures and turned them into the tough brutes they are now. At first the Kragnar were willing to make the change and indeed, enjoyed their heightened stature. However, in the course of time, they came to resent the Ookren, knowing that the Ookren had the ability to reduce them back to their former stature, at any time. With this jealous fear, friction grew between the two species.

It is unknown what happened after the animosity developed between the two species, although the Kragnar somehow survived the reshaping of the world and awakened well before the Four Heroes (Drassnal, Traela, Zxxss and Loquina). They also served Varma, who influenced them by reminding them of how dead their precious world had been, claiming it was the fault of the Ookren.

The rest of what happened, can be read in the serial, Azshrak: The Chronicles Odysseys, viewable here.,_Chapter_1


Powers: The Kragnar, in their modified form, are physically powerful, and surprisingly intelligent; able to make intricate traps and ambushes. Although large, they are also quite able at hiding, though, when in a fight, they seem to prefer direct assault, using their strength to the maximum advantage.

End notes

Special thanks to everyone in their support of the Azshrak series: it really means a lot to me that people want Lego to again make a series with unique and interesting stories.

The Kragnar have been released as their own project, because Lego Cuusoo can only technically build one set per project. Since I had already presented five models on the Azshrak project, I decided to make one here for the Kragnar as an individual set.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this project, and that you will also check out the original Azshrak: Reshaped realms project.