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Jungle/Amazon and Energy/Electro 2.0
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Jungle/Amazon and Eenergy/Electro 2.0 is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by tonvang on May 3rd, 2013. It is an attempt to recreate Bionicle's predecessor, Throwbots (Slizers), in new builds, though with similar designs to the originals.

This message was written by the creator of the project. Do not modify the message in any way.

Hello, my name is Nick van Ginkel and I'm a great lego fan. I especially like Bionicle and Hero Factory. But, we shouldn't forget that the whole lines of action figures from lego originally started with Slizer/Throwbots!

Slizer/Throwbots was released in 1999, so most current lego action figures lovers weren't even born then. Now that there have more than 13 years passed, and there have been many new parts and building systems introduced, I guess it's time to introduce the current generation to the old Slizers/Throwbots.

My intention is NOT to bring back an old theme or re-release old sets, but to create old, almost completely forgotten characters with new parts! New concepts will be created, new building steps will be made and old stories will be expanded (not changed)!

There has been a lot of thinking to create the ultimate Slizer/Throwbots characters. It was not easy to decide what parts are the newer versions of the old parts. But at the end, I knew what to do! I would make Slizer/Throwbots characters using the Hero Factory AND Slizer building style! The old Slizer torsos, arms and heads would be combined with the new Hero Factory parts.


The upgrades are as follows:

-'The old, big hands with two axle-holes to connect fingers' would be replaced with 'the new Hero Factory 3.0 weapon/claw bases with four pegs to connect fingers'.

-'The wings of Energy/Electro' would be replaced with 'the wings used by the Bionicle Gorast'.

-'The sword/katana of Jungle/Amazon' would be replaced with 'the new sword of the Hero Factory Brain Attack series'

-'The flames of Fire/Torch' would be replaced with 'the new bigger two-colored flame'.

-'The biggest kind of gear used by the Slizers' would be replaced with 'the new circular saw used by XT4'. (This way we don't really change the story of the character, but we expand the story using the new possibilities we got in 13 years!)

-'The old Slizer toes/feet' would be replaced with 'the new Hero Factory Stormer XL feet'.

-And there are many new ideas to build the old characters with new parts!

After a lot of building I decided to create Energy/Electro and Jungle/Amazon. I can't create all of them, as Lego cuusoo focuses on just one set for each project. The two characters should be released in a single box for like $25.00.


About the characters I want to release with this project:

Jungle/Amazon has its sword replaced with the new Brain Attack sword. Its feet are now Stormer Xl feet in green and it has its original head. Through the torso there's a green, powerful, spinning circular saw which replaces its old gear. The saw is in a torso consisting of some green technic beams, a new turquoise Hero Factory piece commonly used to attach extra arms and Jungle/Amazon's original torso parts! Its right arm is its original Slizer disc throwing arm and its shoulders are made of turquoise 3.0 weapon bases which replaces its original, big Slizer hands. It has an antenna made out of an axle with a ball joint on it. The head can be moved down to attack with the circular saw. All of the ball cups need to be turquoise, all of the four-stud-long ball joint bone pieces need to be green and all of the four-stud-long armor shells need to be green too.

Energy/Electro has its wings replaced with transparent purple Gorast wings. It still walks on ball joints and has its original head. Inside its torso there's a powerful, spinning electricity generator created out of an old-style, purple circular saw. The saw is in a torso consisting of a Hero Factory XL torso, a first wave Hero Factory weapon base and Energy/Electro's original torso parts! It has a long tail with its original Slizer disc throwing arm at the end, and it is connected to a purple 3.0 weapon base which replaces its original, big Slizer hand. The tail can move upward to have it take the same pose as the original one. The generator can be spinned using a gear at the bottom of the character. All of the ball cups need to be purple.

The set will also include some discs. In the whole set there are no new molds for parts at all. This is because Lego cuusoo doesn't have the ability to introduce new molds in normal set projects. However, my goal was to build the characters using the parts we got until now after all.


Here is the full parts listing:

Jungle/Amazon will contain 57 parts:

Black (22): -59443- -Cross Axle, Extension, 2M- -1x -3737- -Cross Axle 10M- -1x- -11305- -Weapon No.1, 2013- -1x- - 32474- - Voodoo Ball Ø10,2- -1x- -90622- -Beam C 5M Cup/Cup Ø10.2- -1x- -90609- -Beam A 5M Ball/Cup Ø10.2- -1x- -2780- -Connector Peg W. Friction- -12x- -41677- -Technic Lever 2M- -2x- -42003- -Cross Blok 3M- -1x- -?- -Slizer/Throwbots Face- -1x-

Dark Green (17): -61403- -Saw Blade Ø71.32- -1x- -90611- -Beam A 4M Ball/Cup Ø10.2- -4x- -90640- -Shell A 4M Ball Snap Ø10.2- -3x- -32526- -Technic Ang. Beam 3X5 90 Deg.- -2x- -32140- -Technic Ang. Beam 4X2 90 Deg- -2x- -98597- -Xxxl-Foot - Hf 2012- -2x- -?- -Slizer/Throwbots Drop-shaped Torso Half W. 1 Axlehole and 4 Pinholes 6x3x2.5- -2x- -?- -Slizer/Throwbots Disc-Throwing Arm- -1x-

Bright Bluish Green (7): -92233- -Shell/Hand 5X6 W. Ball Snap- -2x- -93575- -Hand 2X3x2 Ball Cup Ø10.2- -1x- -90634- -Doub. Snap 3M, W. Ø10.2 Balls- -1x- -93571- -Ball Cup 3M Ø10.2- -2x- -?- -Slizer/Throwbots Head- -1x-

Dark Stone Grey (5): -90608- -Beam A 6M Ball/Cup Ø10.2- -3x- - 98577- - Beam 3M Ø10.2 Ball With Guide- -2x-

Medium Stone Grey (1): -48989- -Beam 3 M. W/4 Snaps- -1x-

Sand Yellow (1): -6587- -Crossaxle 3M With Knob- -1x-

Bright Blue (3): -43093- -Conn.Bush W.Fric./Crossale- -3x-

Brick Yellow (1): -32556- -3M Connector Peg- -1x-


Energy/Electro will contain 46 parts:

Black (24): -90611- -Beam A 4M Ball/Cup Ø10.2- -5x- -90622- -Beam C 5M Cup/Cup Ø10.2- -1x- -90623- -Beam Torso 9X11 Ball Ø10.2- -1x- -90640- -Shell A 4M Ball Snap Ø10.2- -4x- -90630- -Beam 3M Snap/Ball Ø10.2- -1x- -87820- -Shell 5X7X2 W Cross Axle- -1x- -32270- -Double Conical Wheel Z12 1M- -1x- -2780- -Connector Peg W. Friction- -1x- -32034- -Angle Element, 180 Degrees [2]- -1x- -41677- -Technic Lever 2M- -2x- -6632- -Technic Lever 3M- -2x- -?- -Slizer/Throwbots Rectangular Torso Half With 4 Axles and 6 Pinholes 5x3x3- -2x- -?- -Slizer/Throwbots Head- -1x- -?- -Slizer/Throwbots Disc-Throwing Arm- -1x-

Medium Lilac (6): -93571- -Ball Cup 3M Ø10.2- -4x- -92233- -Shell/Hand 5X6 W. Ball Snap- -1x- -41530- -Saw Blade Ø36.744- -1x-

Dark Stone Grey (5): -90608- -Beam A 6M Ball/Cup Ø10.2- -4x- -87083- -Cross Axle 4M With End Stop- -1x-

Medium Stone Grey (3): -32123- -1/2 Bush- -2x- -6590- -Bush For Cross Axle- -1x-

Bright Red (3): -32062- -2M Cross Axle W. Groove- -3x-

Sand Yellow (2): -6587- -Crossaxle 3M With Knob- -2x-

Tr.Medium Reddish Violet (2): -61798- -Weapon / Wing 11,08- -2x-

Transparent (1): -?- -Slizer/Throwbots Face- -1x-

Thanks for reading about the whole project, I hope you like the concept and want to support me. Anyway, thanks! _________________________________________________________________________


-See a slideshow on Youtube here: .

-And see a slideshow of them made with Lego Digital Designer on Youtube here: .

-And also see a slideshow showing the new photos for this project, with also a look at the set up I used for making the photos, on Youtube here: .