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Invisible Hand is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by LDiEgo on December 15th, 2011.  It is based on the flagship of the same name from Star Wars Episode III. It is currently the most-supported Star Wars themed project.

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Since 1999 the STAR WARS license has given us sets based on several scenes and ships from the saga. With lots of products released, almost every moment from the original trilogy can be recreated with LEGO bricks.

But there are still too many scenes from the prequel trilogy that have not been translated into LEGO sets. The Clone Wars series has helped to the release (and re-release) of some vehicles, but there is still too much work to do. My idea is to create a set based on the General Grievous’ flagship, The Invisible Hand. There are already some examples of capital ships made in LEGO sets: -6211 Imperial Star Destroyer -7665 Republic Cruiser -8039 Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser -10198 Tantive IV -7964 Republic Frigate -10221 Super Star Destroyer -9515 Malevolence Like the sets showed above, the Invisible Hand would be a big set that recreates the exterior appearance of the craft, featuring playable interior for the minifigures.

The separatist’ fleet have a minor amount of LEGO sets than the republic in the Clone Wars series, but this ship can equilibrate this disadvantage.


Model specifications (note that this could change if the project becomes a product) Pieces: 3883 Measures: 92’60 x 20’70 x 43 cm aprox.


Also, following the idea of the set 10188 Death Star, the playable interior contain each moment showed in the film. -The ceiling can be removed revealing the hangar where the star fighters arrive. It includes sliding doors, two storage boxes, a crane and elevator’s entrance. -The roof from the communications pod can be lifted to reveal the room where Palpatine is imprisoned. This room communicates with the hangar by the elevator. There is also a small room behind the engines that also connects with the elevator. -The ship contains the corridor where Obi-Wan, Anakin and Palpatine are captured. There is also space for a Flak gun and the Escape pod used by Grievous. -In the front of the ship is hidden the command bridge.


The set 10188 contained a small TIE Advanced that allowed putting a minifigure inside. Following the same, this Invisible Hand set would include the ETA-2 Actis-Class Jedi Starfighters of Anakin and Obi-Wan. There are enough big to accommodate a minifigure and enough small to fit inside the flagship’s hangar.

The set would also include a Vulture Droid to recreate the space pursuit just before the entrance to the Invisible Hand. Like the Jedi Star fighters described before, the droid would be on an intermediate scale that lets him interact with the mini starfighters and the minifigures at the same time. As can be seen in the image, this vulture droid can turn into walking configuration despite is small size.

The set would include 18 minifigures: -R2-D2 -Commander Battle Droid -x2 Security Droids -x2 Pilot Droids -x2 Super Battle Droids -x2 Magnaguards -General Grievous (Ep. III variant with cape) -Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ep. III variant, with headset) -Anakin Skywalker (Ep. III variant with headset) -Count Dooku (movie version) -Chancellor Palpatine (movie version) -Lushros Dofine -Buzz Droid (New design) -Droideka (New design) -R4-P17 dome (in Obi-Wan’s Starfighter)

The Obi-Wan and Anakin minifigures should have alternate heads with the microphones for the starfighters.


The destroyer droid, or droideka, is nearer to the minifigure scale than the previous ones. It also can be turned in wheel configuration.


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Thanks for reading, and please don’t forget to support if you like the idea.

If you also love STAR WARS, check out my Redemption - Nebulon-B escort frigate project and other projects on CUUSOO !

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Congratulations on 5,000+ Supporters!


"Activate ray shields!" Such an impressive creation for an impressive ship! We love the detail you've put into designing and listing all the different elements of this. Since the Invisible Hand was used in so many different scenes in The Clone Wars, it's amazing to think that with the figures and elements you've included here, a builder really cold re-create every scene involving this ship!

Good like as you journey to defeat The Empire....and reach 10,000 supporters!

This message was written by the LEGO CUUSOO Team. Do not modify the message in any way.

Congratulatory message from LEGO for +500 votes


Congratulations on all of the support! You did a great job building the Invisible Hand and writing up the case for us to include this as a capital ship in the LEGO Star Wars line. We enjoy that you included several micro scale models that will add to the play experience and allow buyers of this set to re-create elements of the story that featured this ship. Please understand that this initial green light does not have an effect on the LEGO Review that will take place if the project reaches 10,000 supporters. Until then, we wish you the best of luck on your journey to 10,000 supporters!