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Hyperborea is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by NickRoyer on May 29th, 2013. The project was highly anticipated ever since it was announced in December 2012 on the Space Troopers! project. The project achieved almost 100 supporters in its first day on LEGO CUUSOO. It is a steampunk themed project.

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Official Hyperborea site:

An exciting new theme or mini-theme of Lego adventure: Hyperborea! Following the adventures of an expedition sent to explore the newly-discovered hollow world inside Earth, Hyperborea chronicles a variety of eccentric adventurerers in an alternate-history, steampunk world. They face a variety of challenges and mysteries, including the sightless dinosaurs of Lower Hyperborea, and the powerful and mystifying Illuminati, an ancient organization obsessed with building pyramids.

Our intrepid crew, is, for now:

- Dr. Archibald Thunder: A cheerful (but unlucky) archaeologist with a specialty in symbols. - Sister Helen Potter, a cyborg nun with, quite literally, a heart of gold. - Lieutenant Jack Hamilton, the disturbingly cheerful head of expedition security. - Professor Charlotte Raines: An unconventional but effective cryptozoologist. - Lord Lewis Wotheringham-Smythe XII: A fitfully lucid expert in occult matters.

With an assortment of gadgets, vehicles, and contraptions, Hyperborea promises to be a hit with both AFOLs and kids alike- Clever constructions and durable, playable vehicles and locations fill Hyperborea's endless reaches inside the Earth, with another mystery around every corner, danger in every cavern, and a limitless sense of adventure! Experienced builders in particular will appreciate the Hyperborea theme's focus on fan-favorite types of vehicles, including the mechanical walkers of the Illuminati, the chunky and hard-edged hardsuits, as well as the fantastical sky fighters, of the expedition, the whimsical creations of the native Hyperboreans, and the strange, brick-built playsets that bring the landscape to life.

Hyperborea1 One of the mechanical constructs of the Illuminati, a towering walker. Striding above the terrain on its spindly legs and powered by the mysterious Vril energy, the Illuminati boasts a number of play features, including a small but sturdy cabin for the nefarious pilot, a full complement of six flick-fire Vril missiles, and twenty-five degrees of solid, cleverly-connected freedom.

The dubious characters striding forth in the shadow of the clockwork monstrosity are the agents of the Illuminati, carrying out their dark masters' bidding and waiting for the day when they will rule not only Hyperborea, but the surface world as well- a fate that could well plunge the world into eternal darkness!


A lineup of the current heroes of the Hyperborea theme, showcasing the detailed, high-quality execution of imaginative concepts that is the hallmark of the Hyperborea theme. Each minifig is designed to official Lego standards, all bearing a distinctive steampunk aesthetic that's a cross between turn-of-the-century gear and the imaginary tooling of a world not quite our own. Fantastic Mechanical Men hoist boxes aboard the expeditions airships, the etheric boilers of security troops' armor allow inhuman feats of strength, and the mysterious Lord Lewis Wotheringham-Smythe XII is shrouded in an air of mystery, however decrepit and mouldering it may be.


One of the dazzling sky-fighters of the expedition, a marvelous contraption that whizzes overhead, exploring the floating mountains of the inner Earth, dogfighting with Illuminati saucers, and generally engaging in exciting bouts of adventure. Two of these sky-fighters are carried aboard each of the expedition's vast airships, and pilots often take it upon themselves to customize their aeronautical steeds with bold coloration and often quite fascinating modifications.


A detachment of the expedition's security forces, made possible by the collaborations of inventors Edison and Tesla. Fitting a minifigure snugly in the chest, this sturdy hardsuit is resplendent in its armor-plated playability- fully poseable arms and legs mix with a clever construction that is sure to provide hours of playability for children and an inspiring base (not to mention "parts pack" for AFOLs!

To aid the community in getting a taste for Hyperborea, instructions for this hardsuit will be available shortly. Keep checking the links at the start for more!