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GREEN GUARDIANS - Heroes for Earth! is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by BravoBlocks on Feburary 16th, 2012.  It is an original idea based around "Green Guardians" battling for the earth against the evil agents of "Goop". Though it had a support boost apon coming out, the support rate has since then become very slow.

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"GREEN GUARDIANS" is a hero based theme, with emphasis on the good guys and girls (Green Guardians) battling the agents of GOOP(the Global Organization OF Pollution), that are damaging the environment in all areas( Land, Air, Water and Space). The Guardians rely more on technology and gadgets( like LEGO BATMAN) to fight GOOP. GOOP contains a varied cast of bad guys and girls as well, with their own ways of fighting the Guardians. It is comparable to the humor of current LEGO video games, and Marvel's Super Hero Squad.

GREEN GUARDIANS will have initial core good and bad characters, with their own PV(personal vehicles) and then expanded "scenario" sets after launch, including additional characters and "episodes". Easily expanded and translated from minifigs and sets to video games, the target age group is everyone due to the global theme, with an obvious emphasis on children.

The GREEN GUARDIANS theme can also cross over easily into representation scenarios, i.e., LEGO Green Guardians used as 'spokesmen' representing LEGO's own environmental leadership in the world, and just as easily stand on their own as a brand.


6/4/12 Professor Knozone's PV uploaded. As previous, the minifigs in the flickr pics are just examples not the actual models I have designed.

5/10/12 Uploaded Ben Jammer's PV NOTE* the minifig mock-up model is more traditional skin vs. my proposed Ben Jammer model. I have had a number of requests if i could display the Guardians with the more traditional Lego look, so here you go! :)

5/2/12 Project activities: Next planned PV(personal vehicles) in order; Professor Knozone, Maggie Fixwell, Syphon , Sara Nova. I'll be adding a concept for what the "Junk Drones" will be like as well, subject to change by Lego of course. :) There will be lots of them, kind of like clone troopers. A mish mash of parts and plenty of them! 4/26/12 ReBrick's "most viewed" blog post of the "Mutation Station" :)

4/22/12 Featured article on the Green Groove blog Big thanks to Trish Smith! :D

Current HD project pics: Green Guardians Related alternate earth project: Dragon Slayers by lizardman

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Yep, this is Professor Knozone. He's a bit naughty. He's got a cool ride, though. :)

Green Guardians

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GOOP agent leader HEAP's PV "Mutation Station" v2.0 alt. color scheme.

Green Guardians


Green Guardian ROD IRON's PV.Green Guardian leader Ben Jammer's PV

Green Guardians

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Green Guardians

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Congratulatory Message from LEGO for +500 votes

April 17th, 2012

Congratulations on achieving over 500 supporters! This is a well thought out, original concept, and we quite like it. It combines a positive message and whimsy with the bad guys being named GOOP. Keep it up, and best of luck on your journey to 10,000 supporters!