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This is what the "Dog" looks like in its rolling form!

This is my fifth project, the Evil Scientist Laboratory, hidden by the corporate building of Young Consolidated.

Here is the link if you are intrested!

A quick look at the Laboratory![]

The laboratory comes with six mini-figures, of course the evil scientist, two businessmen, (father and son!) a security guard, a receptionist, and the test subject, test subject #137 to be exact!

Section heading[]

The evil scientist, Dr Young, is mutating mushrooms into humans so that she will have a whole army at her disposal! But she is also turing humans into mushrooms to test whether or not they will be humans again when turned from a mushroom in to a human, hopefully obedient to her commands!

Thanks for reading! Please support this project, it has SO many features! Get the word out to others, espicially people who like evil scientists! If you don't have a CUUSOO account, its very simple to make one, no hassle or spam emails from LEGO. Thanks!