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Elven Dragon is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by Lizardman on August 26th, 2013. It is one of many dragon themed projects he has created.

This message was written by the creator of the project. Do not modify the message in any way.

Thanks for checking out my Project! I created this brick-built Dragon in LDD with the hopes of LEGO producing it as I prefer brick-built creatures more than the molded ones LEGO often uses. I hope you enjoy the project and support so it can have the chance to become a reality! Thanks for viewing and for your (possible) support! __________________________________________________________________________________ To view the project pictures in the highest quality, check out the pictures on my Flickr. I have added all of the photos to a set for your convenience here. To see them in the best quality, click on each picture individually and click "L" on your keyboard to view a large and detailed version of the image. _________________________________________________________________________________

Here's a quick rundown of the model:

-265 pieces total

-Features an Elf minifigure equipped with golden armor as well as dual swords.

-The Dragon has tons of articulation featuring joints at the base of the leg, knee, all the toes, six points in the tail, the wings, the head, and the mouth. This ensures that you can create a massive range of poses for him. - Features detachable riding gear for the elf that attaches to the Dragon via a clip on the bottom of the neck __________________________________________________________________________________ For those of you wondering about the stability of the model, I built a very basic model of it in real life because I wondered myself. I was unable to build the exact model pictured in real life due to a lack of parts in the right colors since I lack many green pieces and some pieces being unavailable in the right colors. Because of this, the real life model is multi-colored and is very basic. Otherwise, I would have built the model and taken the pictures in real life. It is lacking many of the details of the model and the head itself is just a couple of bricks put together to add a similar weight in the front. However, the leg, tail, wings and body are the same except for some of the details being missing like the blades on the wings for example. Any differences between the models though are small enough that I highly doubt they would compromise its stability from the real life model to the one pictured here. With that said, here is the very basic multi-colored version to prove the design's stability. __________________________________________________________________________________ "Commonly known as Elven Dragons, the Seris are a secretive species of Dragon that live in the thickest jungles. Terrifyingly deadly, very few ever live from encounters with these creatures. They possess sharp talons, a sharp poison tipped tail, deadly blades on their wings that are sharper than any sword, and scorching fiery breath. They are equally at home on land or in the air. They are able to run, jump, and fight with startling speed, agility, and power on land and fly in the air at blinding speeds while being near unmatched terrors in the sky when it comes to aerial combat. While their numbers are fewer in comparison to other Dragons, the Seris are far more powerful than most other Dragons.

However, these dragons are very noble in their nature. They have been known to follow only those who are as equally noble as themselves and can best them in combat. For this reason, only a very few pure-hearted elite have ever been able to tame one. All of these select few have been Elves. An Elven warrior first allied with one long ago and together became the most powerful force for justice there was at the time. Since then, only a couple more have successfully tamed one of these beasts, although many tried. If the dragon detects any ill-will or malice in the person, it will burn them on the spot. In battles between the elves and other forces, a Seris can single-handedly change the battle." _________________________________________________________________________________ If you like this, please also support some of my other projects! -Dragon Slayers -Kings Lonely Fortress -Tower Robbery -Dragon Drone D-77


This picture shows the Seris soaring through the sky. The speed that it travels at makes it extremely difficult for any projectile to hit it, while it's impenetrable scales deflect the few that do manage to reach their target. The elves experimented with battle armor briefly before they realized that it was unnecessary and more of a hindrance than a help. They quickly learned that the Dragon's hide gave it better armor than they could ever make for it.


The Elven Dragon is just as deadly on foot as in air. It fights mainly by slashing with it's razor sharp bladed wings and by jabbing the opponent with it's poison laced tail tip. It also utilizes it's searing flame and occasionally will deliver a bite.

The elf is equipped with dual swords made by the finest elven smiths. His magical golden armor was forged long ago by the greatest smiths of an era past.


The Seris are perhaps the most terrifying thing you can see in the sky being near umatched in aerial combat. They fight by using their talons on their feet to deadly effect against their enemy with the precision and agility of arms. Simultaneously while using their feet talons to tear apart foes, they use massive blazing flame blasts and jabs from their poison tipped tail. In addition, they will often fly by their foes at max speed slashing them with their bladed wings.


Here is another solo shot of the Dragon looking to the sky and preparing to take flight.

Thanks for viewing my project. I hope you enjoyed it and will support it so it can become a reality!