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EVE Online Ships - Merlin is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by czar on May 16th, 2012. The project is based on the Merlin vehicle in the EVE Online MMO (Masive Multiplayer Online) game.

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EVE Online Ships - Merlin is a LEGO CUUSOO project along with being a popular online space MMO (Masive Multiplayer Online) game with some *fantastic* ship designs. The game itself has a huge number of dedicated subscribers. It was created by czar on May 16, 2012.

Project Content

This is a large model of a Caldari Frigate called the Merlin. One online wiki has this to say about this ship: "The Merlin is the most powerful all-out combat frigate of the Caldari. It is highly valued for its versatility in using both missiles and turrets, while its defenses are exceptionally strong for a Caldari vessel."

I would love to see an official model of at least 4 EVE Online ships at a size that could make them minifig size and hopefully cost under $100. Or even a larger UCS one-off build of an iconic ship such as the Merlin. An online poll on the EVE Online facebook page and website decided which 4 frigates would be built to complement the Rifter. The Merlin was the Caldari frigate favorite. So, at last here it is.


Here is a shot with the Merlin and Rifter together for the first time.


Because of the design of the Merlin, I had to build a stand for it which I wrapped so it didn't detract.


I spent more time building the Merlin than the Rifter because of the many hard angles. I also added more detail and even a cockpit to house a Caldari pilot. Still not enough room for a pod.


And finally, here is the Mechwarrior Atlas giving his new friend the Merlin a kind arm around.

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Congratulations on 1,000+ Supporters!


Dear czar,

Congratulations on all of the supporters! We love the new EVE Online ship. You did a great job capturing all of the angles on this one.

Best of luck on your journey to 10,000 supporters!