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Death Star II wall/desk clock sculpture
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The Death Star II wall/desk clock sculpture is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by WWWally on June 1st, 2012.

The project depicts the Death Star, a planetoid space staion from the Strar Wars series. It has a working clock on the front. The clock hands are made of two "lightsaber" LEGO bricks. The inside has a Storm trooper with clocks and the dock for the battery.

The project has been through multiple updates.

This message was written by the creator of the project. Do not modify the message in any way.

That's no moon ... That's a CLOCK!

2012-11-27 My model was featured on the LEGO CUUSOO's staff Pick of the Day!



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2012-08-02 The Death Stars visited BrickFair Virginia 2012! What a great time. Highly recommended! The models received much positive response. And thankfully, no rebels were hurt in any "accidental" super-laser misfires.

2012-07-23 Project featured on GeekDad *Thanks!*

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2012-06-01 Project featured on GlenBricker's Cuusoo of the Day *Thanks!*

In keeping with my fascination with making spheres out of LEGO
(see my Lowell-sphere GLOBE project at,
I present a midi-scale Death Star II.

This sphere is built in the more-traditional studs-up style, where all the LEGO elements are stacked in the same direction. To achieve the finest resolution, as well as to maximize smoothness and aesthetic elegance, the model is built almost completely out of standard LEGO plates. (The few exceptions are the tiles in the central trench and the dish and associated elements used for its attachment.)

Here's a closer view of the under-construction section of the Death Star:

Death Star II 1

As a prototype, I also built an original Death Star (I) composed primarily of full-sized LEGO bricks. (This older model highlights the rapid improvement in Imperial technology between the two Death Stars.)

Into each sculpture is incorporated a standard clock mechanism (purchased in any craft store). Unknown to all but the most trusted Imperial scientists (i.e. Death Star II 2me), the Death Stars did not actually operate via nuclear power, but rather worked by exploiting the time-dependence of the zero-point energy of the quantum vacuum. By entangling photons in different parts of the galaxy, opposite-magnitude energy fluctuations could be harnessed and released via a simultaneous collapse of the wavefunction(s).

Whereas the original Death Star operated by a single delocalization,

the Death Star II improved the technology to operate via a multiple simultaneous collapse-cascade, yielding a factorial increase in energy output:

Death Star II 3

The Death Stars thus required the most precise time-keeping mechanisms in the galaxy. As a homage to that time-keeping acumen, it was a natural fit to incorporate a clock movement into these Death Star sculptures.

Although the original plans were lost in a fiery explosion, these LEGO models were already once produced in a galaxy far, far away and sat on the administrator's desk in each of the respective Death Stars. Approved by the Emperor himself, you too have a chance to own a treasured piece of galactic history!

Vote to see this Death Star model produced in our own little corner of the galaxy!

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Edit (2012-07-28): I've replaced the standard clock arms with LEGO lightsabers. More photos to come!

Death Star II 4