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Daylight steam Engine
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Daylight Steam Engine is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by epausig58 on April 3rd, 2012. It depicts an American steam engine that was created using LDD.

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Most likely the most famous steam engine in the USA. One tender is for fuel oil and the other tender is for water.

This model is on Search for creation name Daylight 4-8-4

Daylight Steam Engine1

This would be great with Power Functions just like the Emerald Night. If you notice the front black steps in the first picture and not the picture above, that is because the 45 degree slope I used early on was not available in orange. My goal was to build this with existing parts but I usually buy Lego sets to get the special parts that no other set has. So a bunch of "Daylight Only" parts from Lego would add to the demand of the set. If I could request one special part assembly, it would be the nose and smoke box shapes to be as accurate as possible to the real thing. Lights would really add to the realism and the distinct steam whistle sound would be a great feature as well!

Daylight Steam Engine2

Every kid wants one of these...I know I do.

Daylight Steam Engine3

Cab photo with regulator, brakes, and gauges. The cab was enclosed because the oil was pumped into the fire box and so no need for the cab to be open to the tender. Side doors are a must for this model.

Daylight Steam Engine4

Sleek side skirts were the Daylight's trademark.