The Unofficial LEGO CUUSOO Wiki's policy is rather simple. We wish to provide, through this site:

  • Information regarding LEGO CUUSOO, including info on most projects and users
  • Explanations of various LEGO CUUSOO functions
  • A clean chat area for LEGO CUUSOO users to discuss on

We want to make this site as convenient as possible for people interested in LEGO CUUSOO. 

Though this Wiki can be a fun place, it should not be used in ways contradicting or differing from the few goals set above. Any content uploaded to the wiki deemed unrelated to the wiki and/or inappropriate (as according to the Chat Rules, section 2) will be removed. 

This Wiki is not created, supported, or endorsed by the LEGO Group, and we do not claim ownership of any content stemming from LEGO CUUSOO. This site is fully fan-supported and updated by fans.