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Guidelines for Chat Moderators (mods) are found here. All mods are required to follow these guidelines, as well as the Chat Policy

Responsibility of Chat Moderators

As a mod, you have special duties. Please remember that, even though you have more powers as a moderator, it is not a rank, it is a responsibility. As a mod, you must:

  • Be respectful to other users, including those who are violating the rules.
  • Do not make demands of users just because you are a moderator, and:
    • Only use your powers of kicking and banning when necessary. Abusing your powers can result in the removal of your moderator status.
  • Remember which penalties are attributed to whatever violations they apply to.

List of Chat Violations/Penalties

Here is a table of the violations and the applying penalties.

Violation First-Time Penalty Second-Time Penalty

Third-Time Penalty

Purposefully offending, bothering, or giving general disrespect to other users Warning Kick Ban (1-day)
SPAM-ming (as defined in section 2) Warning Warning Kick
Discussing religion/politics on main chat Warning Kick
Discussing/linking to content deemed inappropriate (as defined in section 4) Kick Ban (2-day)
Cursing Ban (1-day)
Cursing at others Ban (1-week)
"Censoring" (replacing letters of a word with stars or other symbols) Kick Ban (2-hour)
Giving out own Personal Information Kick Ban (3-day)
Giving out other's Personal Information Ban (1-week)/Request Block
Not complying with common-sense demands by mods Warning Warning Kick

After a Kick, if the same rule is violated again, the penalty is always a ban. This applies in all situations. If you need assistance in any decision or situation, contact an administrator.

After a ban, if they repeat the violation, either give them a lengthier ban, or if you consider it serious enough, request a block from an admin.

If you believe that the violation is great enough that the user requires a block, contact an administrator and give an explanation for your request of a block for that user.