Cuusoo Wiki

Help us keep a fun and respectful atmosphere while on the wiki. Please observe the following common-sense house rules

  1. Be respectful. Keep your remarks constructive and respectful. Don't be offensive, creepy, abusive, humiliating or intimidating and don't attack, harass, or impersonate others.
  2. Don't SPAM. Unintelligible comments (made in ALL CAPS, txtspeak, chatspeak, and the like) will be considered SPAM. Excessive use of emoticons is also a form of SPAM. 
  3. Don't advertise, preach, or campaign. LEGO CUUSOO wiki is not a venue for preaching or disseminating your political or religious views. It is also not a venue to advertise any business, non-profit, or charitable cause. Discussions regarding religion/politics will not be tolerated on main chat; if you wish to discuss the subjects peacefully, please do so in Private Messages (PM).
  4. Keep it clean. LEGO CUUSOO wiki chat is to be a good, clean environment. Don't make remarks or link to content containing hate speech or related to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, politics, sex; or any kind of content containing realistic or extreme violence, or content intended to shock or disgust. We (the Chat Moderators) will not tolerate curse words on chat, including curse words which have been censored (replacing letters of the word with stars or other symbols).
  5. Stay safe. Do not share personal information such as your first, middle, and last name, email-address, location, zip code, contact information, real-life pictures of you or family, age, etc. This applies not only to your own personal information but also the personal information of others.
  6. We will step in if we must. We reserve the right to kick, ban, and/or block any users that violate the guidelines. Repeated violations will result in a lengthy ban from LEGO CUUSOO wiki chat or block from accessing the wiki on that account. If you are asked by a Chat Moderator to stop any activity, do not argue with the Moderator, and comply with their demand accordingly. Our Moderators are required to act responsibly; trust their judgement while on the Unofficial LEGO CUUSOO wiki chat.

Now that you have read these rules, remember them, and have fun on the wiki! Happy.png