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Corner Candy Modular Building is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by waltzking on May 1st, 2012. It is the only project he has created.

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*Updated with new interior photos!*

This is my custom modular candy store that has been quite popular among fellow LEGO enthusiasts. It is designed in a somewhat Victorian style with the candy store in the lower level and lodging in the upper floors. There are many great building techniques used here along with features like the spiral staircase, flower baskets, and all sorts of texturing ideas. The building is designed to the specifications of official LEGO modular sets and fits in nicely with them.

Some folks have commented on the busy exterior, but this was intended as part of the design to bring it more of a Victorian feel and a very eye catching model, much a like a street corner or candy shop would have.

For more exterior photos (couldn't get them to load correctly) you can see my Flickr stream:

Hopefully through this CUUSOO idea and your support many folks will eventually be able to get this design as a real set to be added to their town layout. In order for this to happen I will need your added support/vote. Feel free to also help promote this model among your friends and gain their support as well. The effort would be much appreciated.

With this model being known and well praised in LEGO fan circles worldwide, it should not be terribly hard to reach 10,000 supporters as the word begins to spreads that it is on CUUSOO and supporters join together. Here's hoping it happens soon!


Per request I've made some progress on the interior so am adding photos of what is done. This photo is of the upper floor. It includes a bed, table with lamp, dresser with mirror, desk, large flat-screen TV, a few chairs, and a flower pot in the corner. I did not tile the floor as the intent is that the studs are carpet. You can also see the spiral stairs coming up from the second story.


Here on the second floor we have more furniture and can see the interior spiral stairs better. Items include a plant, desk with computer, sofa, rug, and cabinet. As with all photos they are for idea purposes, so I am sure if it becomes a set LEGO will likely add or change some of the furnishings.


And finally the interior photos are up! This shop has got it all, ice cream and fudge cases, vending machines, soda fountain, candy dispensers full of jelly beans, hard candies, (you name it!), cold treat cooler, and shelf full of assorted candy types. And as you'd expect the kinds are coming to get today's treat!!!


Here you can see the ice cream and fudge cases, shelf of candy, cold treat cooler, and bulk candy dispensers.

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Congratulations on 1,000 Supporters!


What a delightfully delicious modular! The necessary addition to any LEGO town. This sweet build presents a challenge for the builder and an masterpiece to show off when completed. Well done!

Best of luck as you move toward 10,000 supporters!