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Centaur is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by TruantSavior on July 25th, 2013. It suggests pieces that would allow horses to be converted into centaurs.

This message was written by the creator of the project. Do not modify the message in any way.

After introducing my young sons to both Lego and Harry Potter, they asked me if there was a set that included Firenze, or any other Centaurs. When I told them no, they asked "Why not? He's so cool". They asked me if I could make one for them. I looked around at some MOC versions of Centaurs, but wasn't satisfied. What the figure needed was to move, so it could interact with other characters during play. There weren't any pieces made by Lego that would be useable for my idea, so I came up with the piece you see now in each Centaur below.


As you can see, both the older versions of Lego horses (think The Prince of Persia), and the newer style (think The Lord of The Rings), can be retro fitted with this new part thus increasing playability. The parts have been cast in yellow for ease of sight. Now the Centaur has a full 90 degree range of motion, for better interaction.


By splitting the horse into its individual pieces, the new torso (back row, center piece) attaches inside the "neck", and has posts on top for the "human" torso to connect to. As is, the individual pieces fit quite tight into each other so there is no need to worry about the body being loose at all. There would be no reason for a glue or sonic weld.


As mentioned, there are 2 different sizes that are required to make the Centaur truly interactive. The yellow is for the older, the blue is for the newer versions of the horse/Warg body styles.


Again, you see the mobility, and the play possibilities this character could and will bring to young minds. Some of the lines of product this piece could be incorporated into are:

Lego Harry Potter Greek Mythical and Magical Beasts Percy Jackson(if obtained) Chronicles of Narnia(if obtained)

If this piece were to be included future sets containing horse figures, playability would be doubled. One minute a sheriff on horseback could be chasing a bank robber, the next a centaur could be fighting an evil soldier. I believe this would attract both children and adult collectors as well.

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