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Buildr6d is a famous Lego Cuusoo Member who is known for saying he has projects but yet he has none. He joined in late 2012 but left in 2013 due to password forgetting. He made a brief comeback in late 2015 and early 2016 but since then, has been inactive. His former Bio said (before 2/1/15):

"Buildr6d" is a pro Lego Builder and maker of Legos. From the first day he has found out about CUUSOO, he has been uploading more projects. Check out some of them!"

Buildr6d is also known for leaving comments, some regular and some others reacted to. The most commented-on comment of Buildr6d's was on the Piano project, with over 16 comments, most negative. The comment was "It's just a mini piano- anyone can build this."

To view the piano comments, you can click here.

Another comment Buildr6d wrote on the project Poison Ivy's Trap, received some negative comments, too. You can view it by clicking here.

Also, another comment he posted received several bad comments, this one on the project RC Batmobile. That can be viewed here.

AS OF 2016[]

As of 2016 Buildr6d posts comments, not projects, on a regular basis. He has received over 400 likes on his comments.