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Buffalo Airways / Ice Pilots DC-3 is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by Ssorg in collaboration with Mikey McBryan. The project was published on October 23rd, 2013. After three days days, it passed 500 supporters. By October 29th, 2013, it had gained over 1,000 supporters.

This message was written by the creator of the project. Do not modify the message in any way.

This is a COLLABORATIVE project by

Mikey McBryan (the idea for this project, concept model funding, promotion) and Ssorg (concept model design, running the project on CUUSOO). Description text by Mikey with added bits by Ssorg.

As Seen On TV!

You have asked for it and now we need your help! After countless hours of painstaking designing and detail collaboration with the real Airline we are proud to present this concept model for an official Buffalo Airways DC-3 LEGO set! And it is up to your support that this can become reality!


The attention to detail and ultimate playability of this aircraft was at the forefront during the painstaking design phase. From the ground up our team has kept true to real life specifications of the real Douglas DC-3. The greatest challenge was to keep it close to minifig scale while not cutting corners on the recreation of this historic aircraft in the LEGO format.


With hundreds of thousands of Buffalo Air fans worldwide we know this set will be a hit. In addition, this fine combination of display & play value should greatly appeal to both regular folks and dedicated LEGO fans out there.


Buffalo Airways has been flying real life DC-3's in Canada’s northern Territories for over 40 years and is the subject of the worldwide hit television series, ICE PILOTS NWT. Buffalo operates the last schedule year around service passenger with the DC-3 has been doing so non-stop sense 1982 (Hay River-Yellowknife).

Mikey McBryan from Buffalo Airways (also seen on Ice Pilots NWT) has been collaborating of this project from the beginning and is personally spearheading the campaign to promote this project worldwide. This isn't the first time he has worked with the LEGO team, in April 2012 Buffalo Airways and Mikey were part of the new LEGOLAND Polar Expedition section in LEGOs birth place, Billund Denmark. There is an ICE PILOTS School which is modeled after Buffalo Airways hangar up in Yellowknife NWT. There is even a 3 foot of LEGO Mikey and Buffalo Joe at the entrance to the ride.

Our team is very excited but the work isn’t even close to being done yet! We are currently in the physical building phase of the model, with plans for minifigs and fitting accessories to be included as well, and will update the pictures as soon as we can.

But the most important thing is we need YOUR help!! How you might ask?

THIS is how it works: LEGO CUUSOO is an official program which allows people to freely suggest and support new ideas for future LEGO products. If a project, like this one, gets 10,000 "supports" the LEGO company will carefully study the concept and considers turning it into a product available for anyone to buy. All you need to do is 1) create a CUUSOO user account / connect via FB or Twitter, and 2) click the "SUPPORT" button on any projects you wish to see produced.

A few important pieces of advice: 1) Liking the project on Facebook or sharing it via Twitter, while helps the project become known, does NOT count as a "support" and will not contribute to the actual commercialization process. 2) When clicking "support" this website then asks how much would you be willing to pay for such a product; this does NOT bind you into buying the product for such price, it is merely the company gathering anonymous data which helps to determine how commercially viable a product like this would be.

Please cast your supporting vote and spread the word, inform your family, your friends, and anyone you know who could be interested in supporting this LEGO set idea - the path to 10,000 supports is a long one and this mission needs any help it can get! :D