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Bionicle: Kraata Carrier (Rhahesh)
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Bionicle: Kraata Carrier (Rhahesh) is a project on LEGO CUUSOO. It is a model of a fanon vehicle/creature meant to carry Kraata, based on the famous LEGO series, Bionicle. The model and project were made by MachineWolf7 and uploaded on January 6th, 2014.

This message was written by the creator of the project. Do not modify the message in any way.

The Rhahesh, or Kraata Carrier, is a small vehicle built from pieces of fallen Rahkshi, and used specifically to carry Kraata to designated places and deposit them there.

Note: the Rhahesh is purely fan made, and not based off any official Bionicle cannon.

The model consists of around 22 pieces. While the color is white and gray, it can be any color, especially as its powers are not dependent on the power of the Kraata they carry. KraataCarrierFront1a The Rhahesh were originally built by an unknown Makuta on one of the southern regions, sending in hundreds of Kraata until the island was overrun. Afterward, they were rarely used, their use depending upon each Makuta's personal preference. Some of the Makuta enlisted dozens of Rhahesh, while others refused their usage, their reasoning being undetermined. Teridax used one on the island of Mata Nui, delivering the Kraata which infected the Comet Balls Ahkmou was selling.

The powers of the Rhahesh are limited, though they have the unique ability to leap at super speeds for a long distance at each leap. They can only do this once a minute, often remaining motionless while recharging. They are almost invisible when they leap, moving too fast for most to follow. The Kraata has no control over it, often seeming disgusted when forced to be carried in it. The Rhahesh will proceed unvaryingly to their target, though still trying to keep their presence hidden. Upon dropping the Kraata off, the machine will run on to a second drop off point where they will be left to rot, or be picked up for their next mission. KraataCarrierBack1a

The Kraata Carriers are not fighters, and will run if confronted. If cornered, they do put up a vicious battle, using their heel daggers to slash at their opponents, and likewise, inciting the Kraata to activate their own powers.