Cuusoo Wiki

DeLorean Time Machine[]

Marty McFly, Doc Brown

DeLorean, Marty's Skateboard

(UCS) DeLorean Time Machine[]

Marty McFly, Doc Brown

DeLorean, Remote Control, Marty's Skateboard and Hoverboard

Hill Valley Courthouse[]

Marty McFly, Jennifer, Doc Brown, Clock Woman

Courthouse, DeLorean

GMC Value Van with DeLorean[]

Marty McFly (Radiation Suit), Doc Brown (Radiation Suit), Einstein

GMC Value Van, DeLorean, Marty's Skateboard

Peabody's Farmhouse[]

Marty McFly (Radiation Suit, Normal), Mr. Peabody, Mrs. Peabody, Boy Peabody, Girl Peabody

DeLorean, Farmhouse, 2 Pine Trees

Biff Tannen's Ford[]

Marty McFly, Biff Tannen, 3-D, Match, Skinhead

Ford, Skateboard, Manure Truck

Enchantment Under the Sea[]

Marty McFly (Suit, Normal, Detective), Lorraine Baines, George McFly, 10 Dancers, 4 Band Members, 3-D, Match, Skinhead

Dance Floor, Stage, Stage Hangers

Marty's Truck[]

Marty McFly (Overalls, Normal), Jennifer, Biff Tannen (Cleaning)


Griff Tannen's Hover BMW[]

Marty McFly, Griff Tannen, Data, Spike, Whitey

BMW, 5 Hoverboards

McFly's Future Home[]

Marty McFly (Old, Young), Jennifer (Old, Young), Doc Brown, Marty McFly JR, Marlene McFly

House, Cop Car

Biff Tannen's Pleasure and Paradise Hotel[]

Marty McFly, Biff Tannen (1985A), 10 Bikers, Lorraine Baines (1985A), Doc Brown

Hotel (Small Style with 27 Floors), 10 Bikes, DeLorean

DeLorean Cave Hideout[]

Marty McFly, Doc Brown, Einstein

Cave Mine, DeLorean Hideout

Bear Cave[]

Marty McFly (Desert), 5 Indians, 5 Americans, 10 Horses, Bear

DeLorean, Bear Cave

Buford Tannen's Showdown[]

Marty McFly (Desert), Buford Tannen, Stubble, Ceegar, Buck, 5 Watchers, 4 Horses

3 Houses, 5 Shacks, Clock Tower (In Building)

Locomotive 131[]

Marty McFly (Desert), Doc Brown, Clara, 1 Horse

Locomotive, DeLorean, Train Track, Station

Jules Verne Train[]

Marty McFly, Jennifer, Doc Brown, Clara, Einstein, Jules, Verne

Train, DeLorean (Smashed Pieces), Track

Needles Race[]

Marty McFly, Jennifer, Needles, 3 Gang Members, Rolls Royal Driver

Marty's Truck, Needles's Truck, Rolls Royal Phantom