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BONSAI is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by AMMK on January 16th, 2013. Much of its support came from Japanese LEGO fans.

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LEGO BONSAI "Pine tree"

Create a pine tree bonsai with LEGOー レゴで松の盆栽をつくるー

Width:approx. 60cm/Height:approx. 50cm/Weight:3kg

We are always surrounded by plants and flowers. We human beings are also kept alive by nature. To express plants which have organic shapes as plants with angular LEGO blocks - they may seem to contradict each other at first glance, but this idea is a new point-of-view which breaks a possibility of expressions by plants. We wish that as many as people including children feel familiar to plants through LEGO.

私たちの身の回りには常に植物や花があり、私たち人間も自然に生かされている生き物です。 植物という有機的な形を持つものを、角張ったレゴブロックで表現すること。一見すると相反することのように感じられると思いますが、これは植物の表現の可能性を切り開く新たな視点であると思います。私たちの願いは、子どもを含めた多くの人々に、レゴを使ってより植物を身近に感じてもらいたいというところにあります。

To add a fresh dimension, we remodeled a Japanese white pine, which is said to be the king of bonsai among all, with LEGO. In a Japanese traditional culture bonsai, one modifies branches of the trees that are decades or even hundreds of years old by fixing them with a wire in order to create even more beautiful tree form. In bonsai, the original beauty found in nature is elevated through an intervention of human hands; it is said to be a costar of the nature and human being. The beauty of the complex forms, especially that of pine trees express unswerving strength and beauty that attract minds of those who saw.

その切り口として、今回私たちは盆栽の中でもまさに王様と言える、「五葉松」の盆栽をレゴで再現しました。 日本の伝統文化でもある盆栽は、何十年、何百年という時を重ねた樹木の枝葉を、針金で固定しながら少しずつ形を変化させ、さらに美しい樹型を形成していきます。本来ある美しい自然と、人間の手が加わることでさらなる美へと変換される盆栽は、まさに自然と人との共演と言えると思います。 そしてその中でもやはり松の見せるその複雑な造形美は、目にした人の心を惹き付ける不動の強さと美しさを感じさせます。

A tree form, position of foliage, and pattern of moss on the ground of LEGO bonsai vary according to one who makes (just as making a real bonsai), and its final appearance will also be largely different. Originally, LEGO consists of “piling up”; by means of changing such perception slightly, the work is to freely combine built parts of the foliage. Some people may create outrageous bonsai. Original LEGO bonsai received an everlasting life and continue to live by the side of the creator.


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Congratulations on 1,000 Supporters!

April 14th, 2013.

What a beautiful model, perfect for display and creativity as builders customize their own bonsai tree. Despite being made of bricks, this tree is really growing on us, and the community as well! Good luck as you move toward 10,000 supporters!