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Assault on Wayne Manor is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by DarthKy on November 18th, 2013. He created the project in collaboration with GlenBricker.

This message was written by the creator of the project. Do not modify the message in any way.

There are plenty of Batman sets on Cuusoo, and plenty of Modulars but this is something new, something different, a themed Modular, Wayne Manor.

A theme is not the only thing that makes this modular unique though. Instead of stacking, this model unfolds.

The folding method allows for multiple levels of display AND play. Folded up the build is an attractive manor, but there are three hinges dividing the model into four quarters. These can be arranged for the previously indicated closed display, all hinges open (as displayed above) or a variety of other configurations. **************************************************************************** For those new to Cuusoo, Welcome!

Cuusoo is a site where people can vote for projects to become real Lego products. All we need it 10,000 votes to get reviewed!

We need your help to get there though. If you like this project, please help spread the word on social media. Here is a brief article on other ways you can help this project become a reality. **************************************************************************** Thank You!

The Response has been Phenomenal! We thank each and every one of you. There is no way this list could be complete but we wanted to point out some great help we have received from the project’s fans that have really helped to get the word out:

David Willis, Creator of Shortpacked


iFanboy, the very best podcast on Comic Books out there

All Star Comics: “A vote for Wayne Manor is a vote for AWESOME!” **************************************************************************** Please "Like" the Rebrick images to help get them out to Lego fans everywhere:

  • Image 1*Image 2*Image 3

***************************************************************************** Which of Batman's Foes do you want to see turned into a Minifig?

The minifigs we would like to have included in this set are Batman, "Bruce Wayne", Alfred, and Batgirl.

As far as Rogues go we would like to include three. We would like these to be ones that have not been released previously in minifigure form. But who do we pick? For this, we would like your feedback.

Here are the candidates:

Ra's al Ghul The Ventriloquist Red Hood Killer Moth Firefly Hush Mad Hatter Lady Shiva

Please vote here. We will go through a few rounds of voting. The first round will be to determine the primary candidates, The second round will be a run off of the primaries, ideally with mock-ups of how the figures might look.

Two of the top candidates will be chosen based on the votes and the third will be selected by the project creators when the project reaches 10,000.


Here is the finely appointed main room of Wayne Manor. The bookcase opens to grant access to...


...the Batcave!

The "central" quarters of the build are dedicated to the bat-computer and a removable holding cell.


The "left" quarter of the batcave is dedicated to Batman's infamous trophies:

The T-rex The Joker Card The Giant Penny Mr. Freeze's gun Green Kryptonite

the "right" quarter of the batcave showcases Batman's equipment including a chamber for his suit.


Wayne Manor would not be complete without secret passages. There is the above mentioned bookcase-batcave entrace, but there is also escape hatches under the statuary and a collapsing staircase.

The Figures

We are targeting Seven figures. Four "good guys" and Three "rogues." This is a legitimate figure count for a modular (See "I want more figures" below for more on this).

Bruce Wayne: "Plain Cloths" super heroes are uncommon in production Lego sets. This is likely in part to how easy it is to make them out of regular figure parts. We believe however that a Bruce Wayne figure is essential to a "Wayne Manor" build as he is the titular character.

Alfred Pennyworth: When building a Wayne Manor, there is no element more critical. Alfred is the foundation upon which the Manor stands (that and four 16x16 baseplates.

Batman: If nothing else this figure would be included as the suit stored in the Batcave.

Batgirl: So, who to round out our quartet? Robin is the easy answer, but we wanted to go with something a little different.

Part of the goal of this project is to celebrate our love of the entire continuity of Batman. Since her introduction in the 60's, few characters of the extended Batfamily have been as consistent as Barbra Gordon / Batgirl. Batman fans of every make and media have familiarity with her and or her uniform. Barbra Gordon is even in the Batman Beyond animated series.

As part of Cuusoo we also want to do our part to encourage more super heroines in official Lego products. To date we have only received two super heroines (Wonder Woman and Black Widow) and only in two sets.

The Rogues: As stated above, we want the rogues to embody characters that have never been produced before. We also want your feedback oh which characters to pick. Please click here to vote in our survey

More Heroes!!! (Robin, Robin 2, Robin 3+, Nightwing, Ace the Bat-Hound, etc..) Any set, regardless of scale, must contain a finite number of figures. The final roster is ultimately up to the Lego Group of course. You can make direct requests to us to add your favorite character but ultimately you need to be sending that message to Lego.

How do you do that? Well, first you need to write in such requests in the feedback during the "Support" process. Second, and even more important, we need to get this project to 10,000 as quickly as possible. The faster we get to 10,000 the more likely this set is to get produced, and the stronger the case will be for more figures. So please, do your part and share this project with as many people as you can.

This means telling your friends, telling your family, tweeting about it to followers and comic-related accounts, posting on forums, facebook, google+, pinning it to pintrest, voting for it on reddit, etc...Every vote counts. **************************************************************************** Cuusoo only allows us to demonstrate 5 images at a time. More images can be found at our flickr page here. Check out our campaign-page ****************************************************************************


  • Can you add/subtract "this" to the Wayne Manor?

We love the interest and feedback on what elements the project should contain. Keep them coming!

For the most part though, Lego is fundamentally AWESOME. One of the ways it is awesome is in its infinite customability. Think about this set as a template, a base structure for your ideal Wayne Manor. Once this set is in your hands, you can reconfigure it any way you choose.

  • How many Parts are In this build?

To clarify, The depicted build is simply a proposal. Lego will produce the final model based on this proposal, therefore the exact part count of this build is not significant to the project. However, the part count for Lego Modulars range from 2000 to 2800 pieces.

  • Can I please have the instructions / LDD file?

We truly appreciate the interest in building the Wayne Manor. It is the highest compliment a designer can receive.

At this time however, we are reserving any decisions about releasing the instructions until the review is complete.

Where is the Batmobile?

We wanted this Batcave to fit in the footprint of the Lego Modular and this pretty much prevented us from including a Batmobile or an awesome turntable or break away wall for it drive through. Additionally, Lego has many Batman vehilces already produced and we saw no reason to retread on this ground.

As you can see though, the Batcave continues...The Left and Right quarters have open passages that you can build off of. The Batmobile could simply be in the "foreground" of this build.

Part of the awesomeness of Lego is that if you want your Wayne Manor to have the Batmobile, simply build your own (or buy one of Lego's existing sets) and build it out.

  • How did you make the Portrait of the Wayne's

There was some photoshopping involved but the source images mostly came from a app called Mini Mi I highly recommend it for quick figure design. ******************************************************************************* This project is brought to you by DarthKy and Glenbricker

DarthKy specializes in a variety of Brick Built Figures based on popular characters.

STAR WARS -Count Dooku, Ahsoka Tano, Asajj Ventress

STAR WARS -Yoda, Anakin, Obi-wan

STAR WARS -Clone Troopers

Batman, Catwoman, Joker

SUPERMAN - Bizarro, Metallo, Superman

SPIDERMAN - Complete character collection.

STAR WARS -General Grievous, Droideka (Destroyer Droid) and Battle Droid

STAR WARS - R2D2, C3PO and Leia with Salacious Crumb

Pirates of the Caribbean- Jack Sparrow, Hector Barbossa and Davy Jones

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Marvel - The Avengers

Glenbricker also has a variety of projects on Cuusoo including:

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The Discworld, Now including Rincewind! Oook!

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