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Archived Projects are projects which have been saved on LEGO CUUSOO and can still be viewed by the public, but normal users, including the creators of the projects, cannot modify them in any way. A user cannot comment on, bookmark, or support an Archived project. All Archived projects were active at one time.


Archived Project Descriptions[]

Archived projects usually have a large supporter count, and often are archived when the project is waiting for either a Review result or an Official LEGO Comment. When a project is archived, the "SHARE PROJECT" section of the supporter box disappears, as well as all traces of green in that box; and a caption appears over the project picture which reads:


Archived Project - This project has been reviewed and is not being considered for production.

Reason for Projects to be Archived[]

Most projects have been archived because the license they represent is inappropriate, as with the Shaun of the Dead project, or LEGO cannot obtain the necessary licensing to produce the projects. Also there is the rare occasion when a project is drastically changed; and LEGO feels it would be unfair to make the new project (for example: STAR WARS DARK BUCKET).

List of Archived Projects:[]

The following is a list of Archived Projects. It is believed to be complete.

Archived Project

This project, the "-Super Mario Project-" by Ragaru, was archived.