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Andy/Bugdroid the Android by Google is an archived project on LEGO CUUSOO created by GLHTurbo on August 6th, 2012.  It reached Achieved status on February 6th, 2012, after a close supporter "race" with Ragaru's - The Legend of Zelda Project - (which it won by a very small amount). Though it was number two for a short period of time, it received a final drive of supporters which is thought to have come from The project failed to pass the 2013 Spring Review because the LEGO review board decided not to produce it.

The project is based on Android's mascot, Andy The Android, also known as Bugdroid.

This message was written by the creator of the project. Do not modify the message in any way.

Being a fan of Lego and Google's Android operating system, this creation was only natural for me. I did some searching and couldn't find any really good Android Lego builds so I decided to build one myself.

The original design was created in the Lego Digital Designer. I used that to then create a bill of materials and the parts were ordered online. I am quite happy with the way it turned out so far. Having said that, I'm not 100% finalized on the design. I'm still investigating the proper length of the arms and legs.


This build currently uses 205 pieces of (mostly) Lime Green bricks. Using the approximate price per brick of $0.15 puts this kit around $30. There were many compromises in this build to get it to the model stage and I estimate that given the full catalogue of Lego parts in Lime Green, the part count of the final build could be reduced by 25%.

If you would like an Android of your own then please support this project. If you want to build one of your own there are a couple of limitations you should be aware of.

A) Some of the Lime Green parts used in this build are not commonly available. B) Quite a few of the parts are expensive.

Generally speaking, the reason for B is because of A. ;) If we can get this built as a kit, then you won't have to worry about A or B. :)

***Added a little YouTube teaser video***

YouTube Video


There are several points of articulation built into this model. The head can rotate 360 degrees as well as both arms. The antennae can also be positioned and have about 100 degrees of motion.

***Future additions: Developers Edition with flying rocket/jet pack.***

The one other thing that I would LOVE to see is that if this project reaches 10,000 supporters, is for Lego to use the proper Android green colour, listed as PMS 376C for print and #A4C639 for online hex colour.


Milestones: 24 hours: 1714 supporters. Thank you everyone for your support thus far. 48 hours: 2856 supporters. Let's keep it up! Just shy of 72 hours: 3299 supporters. Almost 1/3rd of the way there. 1 week: 5,407. Over half of the way there! Let's push it to get the other half in less than a week.

***Update*** Media Mentions:









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Shout out to the Reddit community, thanks for your support!

Phandroid - 200 to go

Portions of this work are based on work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.


Sept 9th, 2012

There has been quite a bit of talk in the comments about my Minifigure Android/Bugdroid so I decided to add it to the project. Here it is (mostly) painted up. It is made completely from Lego parts but there was quite a bit of cutting and gluing. I hope that the Lego Cuusoo team would consider adding this to the set.

This message was written by the LEGO CUUSOO Team. Do not modify the message in any way.

Congratulations on 5,000+ Supporters!


Dear GLHTurbo,

Congratulations on passing this milestone 5,000 supporters on LEGO CUUSOO for the Andy/Bugdroid the Android by Google project on LEGO CUUSOO -- and then leaving it in the dust (yes, we know we're late with this comment).

He's really cute, and we like the pose-ability. Andy would make a great desktop model for any Google Android fan.

Best wishes as you continue on your journey to achieving 10,000 supporters on LEGO CUUSOO.

This message was written by the LEGO CUUSOO Team. Do not modify the message in any way.

Congratulations on 10,000 Supporters, GLHTurbo!


Congratulations to GLHTurbo and all of the supporters of this LEGO® CUUSOO project. Google™ Android™ fans have spoken. We’ve heard loud and clear that you want to be able to make your own Andy out of LEGO bricks. So, we’ll get to work considering the possibility!

Congratulations on achieving 10,000 supporters. We now officially advance this project to the Review phase.

What happens now? This project moves from the Idea stage to the Review stage. A LEGO Review Board composed of designers, product managers, and other key team members will examine the idea. We'll build concept models and determine if the concept meets our high standards for what it takes to be a LEGO product, including playability, safety, and fit with the LEGO brand. Every LEGO product goes through a process like this and must meet the same standards.

Timing of the LEGO Review This project qualifies for the quarterly review beginning in March, which will also include all projects that reach 10,000 between now and March 4. For more information about the quarterly review process, see this blog post.

The review is a thorough process and from its start, and can take several months. When finished, we make a "go/no go" decision to develop and sell a product based on the "Andy/Bugdroid the Android by Google" concept.

When the review is complete, we will inform you of our decision. If green-lit, this project goes into the longest phase of the project; the Development phase. During this time, LEGO model designers refine the product and develop it for release, we create the product materials (box, instructions, marketing), and get everything ready for a production run. This also takes several months.

We will post follow-up information and our decision here.

This message was written by the LEGO CUUSOO Team. Do not modify the message in any way.

LEGO Review Results for "Andy/Bugdroid the Android by Google"


First and foremost, congratulations to GLHTurbo for reaching 10,000 supporters on LEGO CUUSOO, and toward everyone for all of the support of the "Andy/Bugdroid the Android by Google" project! The results of the LEGO Review are in and you can see full details on the LEGO CUUSOO Blog.

Review Results for "Andy/Bugdroid the Android by Google"

Our team has thoroughly considered the possibility of releasing this project as a LEGO set according to the criteria of the LEGO Review. Unfortunately the LEGO Review Board has decided that we will not produce this project as a set.

Thank you to GLHTurbo for the passion and creativity that went into this project, and to all of you who voted so that we would have the opportunity to consider this as a potential LEGO set. We’re sorry to deliver this disappointing news.

How do we arrive at our decisions?

By gaining 10,000 supporters, a fan-submitted project moves from the Idea Stage to the Review Stage, where it earns the opportunity to be considered as a future LEGO® set in a quarterly process called the “LEGO Review.” Gaining 10,000 Supporters is just the first step in this process.

A "LEGO Review Board" composed of professional set designers, product managers, marketing representatives, and other key team members examine each qualified project. They build concept models and determine if the concept meets our high standards for what it takes to be a LEGO product; including factors such as playability, safety, and fit with the LEGO brand. Every potential LEGO product, including those developed internally, goes through a similar process and must meet the same standards.

The amount of time this takes varies due to all the factors involved. Unfortunately, this process sometimes means that well-conceived projects that gain just-as-passionate followings have to be turned down. Please note that the LEGO Review Board makes all final decisions on which new sets the LEGO Group will release based on CUUSOO projects.