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Achieved Projects are projects which have received the required number of supporters to be officially considered for Official LEGO Products. When this occurs the project gains the label "Achieved," hence the name. Though originally a user could post comments on an Achieved project, as of July 17th, 2013, their comment sections are closed, presumably to prevent "off-topic comments" from accumulating. However, it is LEGO CUUSOO policy to allow some time to pass after a project is Achieved for users to celebrate the project's Achieved status.

Cuusoo comment disablement

The message which accompanies the closing of comments for Achieved Projects

Achieved Projects Released as Sets[]

Six projects have been released or scheduled for release as Official LEGO sets. They are:

  1. Shinkai
  2. Hayabusa
  3. LEGO Minecraft
  4. Back to the Future(BTTF) - DeLorean Time Machine
  5. Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover
  6. Exo Suit was recently announced as the 6th LEGO CUUSOO product.

Overview of Achieved Projects[]

In total, 32 projects have reached Achieved status.